Watering Rules Change With The Time

With the end of Daylight Savings Time also came a change to Sactown’s seasonal watering rules.

Per the new water ordinance approved by city officials earlier this year, the seasonal watering schedule limits watering to one day per week during the “wet” season. The end of Daylight Savings Time marks the change of seasons.

This means homes with addresses ending with an ODD number may water on Saturdays while addresses ending with EVEN numbers may water on Sundays – only.


  1. Ohhhh do we get to play “spot the city watering” again!?!

  2. Did you guys know we will now be supplying Nestle with 85 million gallons of water a year for their new bottled water plant in south sac? Why can I only water one day a week? We seem to have plenty.

  3. I saw this announcement in several other places. Odd it isn’t posted on the Sac City Water Web site??? http://www.cityofsacramento.org/utilities/water/water-conservation.cfm

  4. 1. Nestle’s like other businesses (Coke, etc.)will be paying for the volume of water they use.

    Bottled beverages on a whole are a conservation issue to many because of all the plastic used and discarded, along with plastic shopping bags. Did you know scientists recently found a gigantic floating island of discarded plastic covering parts of the ocean? They are now investigating the impact to sea life, etc and how to clean it up.

    2. Article in Sunday’s Bee states that average Sac homeowners use is if I remember correctly 240 -280 gals per day, double the national average. There have been other articles about how expensive it is to all of us (taxpayers)to pay for pumping (electricity, pumps, etc aren’t free)and processing water that waters lawns and much too often runs into the street and down gutters. I see this EVERY day in my neighborhood.

    If for no other reason we will all be paying for metered water soon. In Placer County where they recently switched to metered water some residental bills were over $200 a month! I figure it will be less painful for me to ease into conservation a little at a time.

    There have been other articles in the Bee on how wasting water impacts us on many levels. I can’t remember all the details but you can search for articles on their website. BAS

  5. About time for metered water. This will prevent waste, and also make those who still waste at least pay for it.

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