North Natomas Regional Park Update

Tonight was great- we had really great questions and feedback from the community members and sports team partners.

The Friends of the Park group was so valuable in making this project a success, and truly getting the survey out to the community so that we can move forward with feedback from Natomas and community residents on the future of the park.

The two sites have been updated:

I prefer to use scribd because it allows people to share the documents via facebook and twitter accounts so it can spread faster! *hint, hint*

The handout is attached as a pdf should you wish to review or also email them out to contacts, but please feel free to direct people to the sites as mentioned.

Congratulations – this step is now behind us and now we can move on to even more fun activities – developing the next few acres and leveraging the dollars available by working on grant opportunities.

Please provide any changes you would like to see to the websites. In the next few days an FAQ section will be added as well to include the comments, questions, concerns we heard this evening.

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