Natomas Flood Insurance Update From Matsui

Dear Friends,
Ensuring that my constituents have access to affordable flood insurance policies is one of my top priorities. I would like to provide you with an update with regards to FEMA’s Preferred Risk Policies (PRP), which, I hope will be of welcome news to many Natomas residents.
As you know, last year FEMA remapped the Natomas Basin into an AE flood zone. Because of the confusion surrounding this remapping effort, FEMA extended the eligibility of PRP renewals, allowing an additional year of PRP rates for those renewing their flood insurance policies prior to December 8, 2009. However, in recent weeks a problem arose when some homeowners who bought PRP policies in the weeks prior to December 8, 2008 attempted to renew at the PRP rate. Because new policies did not go into effect for 30 days (often after December 8, 2008), they were unable to renew their flood insurance policy at the PRP rate.
I contacted FEMA and requested that they correct this oversight. I am pleased to inform you that my request to allow a 30 day extension in their renewal deadline has been approved. The deadline for renewal will now be January 8, 2010. This will allow people who brought flood insurance policies prior to December 8, 2008 but whose policies did not go into affect for 30 days, to renew at the PRP rate. Please see the enclosed memorandum from FEMA for more information on this change in policy which has just been implemented.
Please share this information with your neighbors so they can contact their insurance agent and bring their attention to this matter. I hope you find this information useful, and please feel free to contact my office at (916) 498-5600 if you have further questions about this issue.
Member of Congress

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