In The News: Boys Arrested For Assault At NP3

Two 14-year-old boys were arrested this week on charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment after allegedly dragging girls into a bathroom and touching them inappropriately.

The incidents occurred last week in the gymnasium at the Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep School on Del Paso Road, school officials said. Students were walking through the building’s lobby to gym class when the girls were forcibly moved into bathrooms on two separate ocassions. Neither student was assaulted and they continue to attend school.

“They (the boys) were working together in some fashion,” Sac PD spokesperson Norm Leong explained. “Sexual battery has to do with grabbing any parts of the body for sexual gratification.”

Neither victim reported the Nov. 9 and Nov. 10 attacks which came to the attention of school officials by way of a witness days later. School officials suspended both boys and immediately notified police who arrested one on Tuesday and another Wednesday this week.

“The whole thing was stopped by students stepping up,” NP3 principal Tom Rutten said. “We have a lot of kids who really do the right thing.”

School officials yesterday held separate assemblies with the school’s freshman boys and girls to remind students about personal safety and the consequences of inappropriate behavior.

“People who engage in inappropriate behavior will not go to school here,” said Rutten. “This is going to be a safe place.”

Click here to read Principal Rutten’s letter to NP3 parents.


  1. NP3 parents were informed about the situation 2 days ago. Yesterday (Wednesday) the school did a special Advisory class where they split the boys and girl into separate groups, and had a discussion about sexual abuse and body safety. My daughter tells me it was a very helpful and respectful discussion, but that they did not tell the students anything about the situation. In fact, the students were warned not to talk about it since the police were involved.

  2. Why were Westlake parents not also notified? Since they share a campus, it seems like it would have been in the best interests of everyone and good communication between the two schools!

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