Friends Of The North Natomas Library Update


Everyone is invited to visit our new facility at 4660 Via Ingoglia Road (off Del Paso Road, near Inderkum High School and American River College Natomas Education Center) on Saturday, January 9, 2010. Speeches will start at 11 a.m. and the library will be open for visitors and patrons starting from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Come see the 22,645 sq. ft. facility designed for 117,000 books and materials, with 120 public access computers, a 75-seat community room, charming children’s’ area, a teen room, a quiet room, and a Friends of the Library Store. Click here to view recent photos.
The Sacramento Public Library is providing a beautifully furnished Friends’ Store, directly under the clock tower, in the entry atrium of the new library. The goal is to sell high-quality, used books to help raise funds for additional library programs. The hope is to keep the bookstore open the same hours as the library, with crews of trained volunteers working two or 3-hour shifts, Monday through Friday. Volunteers will assist with a variety of activities. If you are interested in helping with the Friends’ Store, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


If you are not yet a dues-paying member of the Friends of North Natomas Library, and you would like to join, the group is updating web site and will soon have an updated application form.


  1. I want to say “thank you” to a librarian at our North Natomas branch. A full-on fight broke out just outside of the library just after 3 pm between two high school-age girls, who were trying to yank each others’ hair out and were swinging each other around something fierce. One of the female librarians rushed outside and separated them (I arrived 5 seconds later at the same time as the SRO). That was way outside the scope of her duties, but so awesome and right that I have to tell everyone.

    I was most disturbed by the crowd that surrounded the fighting girls and the many camera phones that immediately popped out; I’m sure we’ll have some more “great” Youtube fodder. Maybe I am becoming a curmudgeon or continue to be naive about human nature, but I was so pissed off about the disgusting egging-on and hooting by the mainly big dude crowd that I’m only starting to calm down now after hugging my pregnant wife, 2 year old, and working my way through a craft brew.

    Anyways, thank you to the employees of the North Natomas Library. You have my respect and gratitude for making our community a better place. I had let my Friends membership drop to save $ this year, but I will be renewing now for sure.

    -Brandon Breckenridge

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