NUSD’s Plans To Close School Press Forward

Publisher’s Note: School closures in response to severe budget cuts are making the news throughout the Sacramento region, not just here in Natomas. This weekend, a Sac Bee editorial touched upon the topic and the San Juan Unified School District this week continues its series of public meetings to address what they term school “consolidations.”

Plans to close one elementary school in the Natomas Unified School District continue to move forward. The school closure is expected to save the district an estimated $400,000 annually.

The board of trustees last week heard a report outlining the process that would be followed beginning with forming an 11-member committee.

The committee will include one appointee from each of the five trustees, two elementary school principals, one rep­resentative each of the Natomas Teachers Association and the California School Employees Association, Director of Elementary Education Yvonne Wright and Assistant Superintendent of Facilities and Planning Mike Cannon.

The group is set to hold its first meeting Oct. 29 to begin discussing what criteria it will recommend trustees use for closing a school. The time and place of that meeting will be announced later this week.

The recommended criteria is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the board at its Nov. 10 meeting. Trustees have said there will be extensive community outreach and participation in the process before they make a decision on which school to close at the March 10 board meeting.



  1. Does anyone know which schools are being considered?

  2. I heard it wouldn’t be an elementary school but it would be Leroy Greene Middle School.

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