In The News: Natomas Intersections Crash Prone

A front-page report in this morning’s Sac Bee, three of the city’s top 12 crash sites are located in Natomas.

According to the article, the offending intersections within Natomas are located at Truxel and Arena, Truxel and Gateway Park and Truxel and Garden Highway.

The article has already generated numerous comments online. What are your thoughts about the Bee‘s report, the crash sites and what needs to happen next?


  1. Scott Dosick says

    The best way to avoid crashing your car is to not get into your car in the first place. Commuting downtown? Try the NNTMA Flyer Shuttle ( Why not bike or walk? We all know that driving is a must in suburbia – but how many of our errands could be combined or replaced with a carpool, bike, or walk?

  2. I am not too sure biking is any safer. I bike home daily from downtown and let’s just say that there is a big disconnect in bike trails between the Regional Park and the American River Parkway.

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