Same Suspects Sought For Series Of Crimes

Sac PD is warning Natomas residents that an attempted armed robbery reported last night by the NATOMAS BUZZ could be linked to a series of similar crimes in the region.

According to Capt. Daniel Hahn, the vehicle descriptions and method used in a five separate incidents — reported in both North and South Natomas — are very similar and may be the same suspects. The vehicle used is described as a four-door car, gold or silver color, possibly a Honda or Toyota.

“These suspects are most likely cruising the neighborhoods and picking their victims as they come across them,” says Capt. Daniel Hahn. “Please advise all of your neighbors to call in all suspicious activity, especially when it involves this description or cars in the neighborhood driving slowly without their lights on.”

Hahn reports numerous officers and detectives are actively working on this series.

“Together, hopefully, we will get this solved before anymore people become victims of these guys.”

Incidents in the series are described as follows:

* (264715) 8/30/09 (Sunday Morning) @ 2:05 am, Saintsbury (off of Duckhorn between San Juan & Arena). Suspects demanded wallets, but victims refused (didn’t get anything). Suspect Car: GOLD 4-DR., 90’s – 2000’s – POSS. LEXUS ES TYPE CAR. Suspects: 3 suspects in car of unknown race – suspect with gun possibly MBA – bandana over face, gray or blue hoodie.

* (264766) 8/30/09 (Sunday Morning) @ 3:12 am, Powderhorn (Truxel/San Juan area). Suspects pulled up in their car and blocked the two female victims in their driveway. Suspect approached passenger side of car, but only took the passengers phone and ran back to the car. Suspect Car: 94-97 SILVER OR GOLD – POSSIBLY HONDA ACCORD. The main suspect: MALE ASIAN, WHITE HOODIE, BANDANA OVER FACE, 20’S, SMALL BUILD, 5’2″, 150 LBS. There was at least one other person in the car.

* (272216) 9/5/09 (Saturday Night) @ 8:57 pm, Bewicks Cr. (Off of Duckhorn between San Juan/Arena). Victim and her friend were standing by the street when the suspect car came around the corner with the lights off. They pulled up, turned on their lights, and the front passenger pointed a gun out the window at the victims – demanding the victim’s purse. The victim refused and ran back into her house – the friend ran behind a car. The suspects left in their car (didn’t get anything). Suspect Car: SILVER OR WHITE 4-DOOR, 90’S CAR – POSSIBLY A TOYOTA OR NISSAN. The suspect with the gun: MALE BLACK, 18-20, BLACK HOODIE PULLED OVER FACE. Driver: MALE BLACK 18-20, RED T-SHIRT, PULLED OVER FACE W/ WRITING ON IT.

* (274168) 9/7/09 (Monday Night/Labor Day) @ 8:02 pm, Diorite Wy (Kokomo/N. Bend Area). Victim was 211’d of his cell phone as he went to his mailbox. Car pulled up and the passenger robbed him at gun point. Suspect car: BEIGE OLDER TOYOTA CAMRY, 4-DOOR. Suspect description: MALE WHITE, 20-21 YRS., THIN, WHITE HOODIE AND BAGGY BEIGE JEANS. The driver: MALE BLACK, 18-21 YRS., WITH A HOODIE.

* (09-274174) 9/7/09 (Monday Night/Labor Day) @ 8:06 pm, Fredericksburg (Natomas Park Dr/Natomas Blvd Area). The Husband & Wife victims were walking to a relatives house when a car pulled up and demanded the victim’s wallet at gunpoint. The husband refused and they then pointed the gun at his wife and demanded her cell phone – again the husband refused. The suspects drove off in their car. Suspect car: GOLD 4-DR, OLDER CAR with a SUN ROOF.


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