New Light Rail Line To Break Ground

Green Line to the River District

Sacramento Regional Transit recently awarded the construction contract for the first phase of the Downtown-Natomas-Airport Light Rail Line. A groundbreaking ceremony of the Green Line is set for 10 a.m. Oct. 12 at Richards & 7th streets.

The first 1.1 miles of track will be operational within one year. The goal is to bring Phase 2 across the American River to North Natomas Town Center by 2017.

The first segment of the Green Line will connect downtown Sacramento to the River District and is scheduled to open in October 2010.


  1. Scott Dosick says

    About time! When I moved to Natomas Park, I was promised light rail within 10 years (which was 9/75 years ago). If all goes well, we could be commuting downtown via light rail by 2017. Can’t wait to have an environmentally friendly, emission reducing, congestion alleviating alternative.

  2. There goes the neighborhood. Thumbs down on ruining Truxel Road with train stops and train tracks. Put it along I-5 towards the airport and then you preserve those homes and businesses along Truxel. hello!

  3. Uh… hello! Put it along I-5 and it’s no longer accessible to pedestrians. The businesses WANT light rail as it will bring more customers.

  4. And just how much will this 1.1 miles of light rail track cost?

    There are far less expensive options to deploy robust mass transit services in Natomas. One of them is Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Don’t let the word “bus” turn you off — it’s actually really cool!

  5. Less expensive to install. Much more expensive to maintain and operate.

  6. I take the NNTMA shuttle bus everyday to work downtown. Door to door service. Can’t beat that.

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