In The News: Jack & The Box’s Demise

NATOMAS BUZZ reader Valerie wrote us yesterday afternoon:

“Have you heard anything on the “temporary” closing of the Jack in the Box on W. El Camino and Gateway Oaks?

Yesterday there was a sign that said it would reopen at 1pm, then a 2nd note that stated it would reopen at 4pm. Today they are still closed and a news crew was out there interviewing people. We’re wondering if they are part of the Kobra group that had some of the same chain closed up in Yuba City yesterday.

Wondered if you had heard anything or knew if there is a Kobra connection.”

According to today’s Sac Bee and an article posted Thursday on, this is indeed the case.

Obviously, filing for bankruptcy protection does not bode well for Kobra’s already defunct TGIFridays and Sonic project on the corner of Truxel and I-80. Perhaps now that it looks like there is no chance the original developer will be resuming this project, someone else will pick it up or city officials can take steps toward tearing down the eyesore.


  1. Jack in the Box is open now.

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