Natomas Journal Officially Closes Shop

Kimberly Scott Robb, representing the family of Natomas Journal publisher Will Craig, who died earlier this year, today released the following statement exclusively to the NATOMAS BUZZ:

“With great regret, we have decided to terminate publication of the Natomas Journal. We had hoped one of those in Natomas who wanted to see the paper continued, would step up and take it over. Although there have been several interested parties, and so many people have expressed their dismay at the idea of the Journal closing, it appears that none have the same passion for the paper and Natomas to devote the time and effort that Will did. He would have hated seeing it disintegrate.

“Therefore, rather than have an outsider come in with an inferior version, the Natomas Journal will be discontinued in his memory. The Journal has meant a lot to us, and seeing it end makes me personally, very, very sad – but dedicating it to Will makes it more bearable. Thank you, Natomas, for your enduring loyalty and friendship. I wish the very best for our lovely community.”


  1. Rest in peace, Will Craig.

    Rest in peace, Natomas Journal.

    Both will be missed greatly by the community.

  2. Anonymous says

    I do not feel the Messenger we are receiving now is an appropriate or adequate substitute. What else can we get going to really get the spirit of the Journal back?

  3. Anonymous says

    Read the Natomas Buzz?

  4. Anonymous says

    I like Natomas Buzz, but there’s no comparison to Natomas Journal. The level of in-depth reporting they brought to many issues that Natomas has faced and is facing is not matched here — no disrespect to the value that Natomas Buzz brings to the community, of course…

    Not even N Magazine offers this yet. Maybe they will rise to the occasion. I sure hope so.

    This may be totally unrealistic thinking, but perhaps someday Natomas Journal will spring back to life under a new leader – perhaps when the economy picks up…?

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