Heard In Natomas: Vandals Tag New Church

The new Divine Mercy Catholic Church being built on Club Center Way was tagged earlier this week by vandals within days of a cyclone security fence being removed from the construction site. The parish will hold its first mass, blessing and dedication 10 a.m. Sept. 5.


  1. I saw tagging on the wall on Club Center near the clubhouse and also on the signs on the park place condos and longs. What is wrong with people these day? WE have all worked SO hard to have a clean, safe and pleasant community for our families and some idiot comes in and destroys everything that we work for. What can we do???

  2. Anonymous says

    Don’t mean to sound cynical, very little can and will be done, taggers are never really punished, there is very little police patrol, the chief of police told me last night at a NNO party they need 400 more oficers to protect a city this large and with the problems we have, despite what may sound not PC, the many large section 8 apartments are causing problems here, if you don’t believe this, talk to the managers of Willow Glen on Black Rock or look in the sky and see the helos hovering in common areas. The simple truth is there are many more serious crimes happening now here, NP is a great place to live still, over a hundred great families met at a NNO party last night, and all want to make our community better and raise healthy kids. Robs list is now tracking street racing and assisting the police, that may be a positive step. Help our schools, help our parks,help remove the tagger’s damage, a problem free community will not be handed to us. It is too bad we have to work harder to keep it better.

  3. Anonymous says

    :( !

  4. Anonymous says

    Tagging a church — I don’t think it’s the cops these guys have to worry about.

    — Johnny

  5. Anonymous says

    If you start a graffiti busting group, please let us know. I think several of us would be happy to paint over it if we had the correct color paint and the blessing of the business/proprtties that get hit. Please post that information to the BUZZ if we get the paint. Maybe store the paint at the club so we can swing by and get it when we see something? Just an idea.

  6. This is really sad – we’re next door neighbors :-(

    BTW, I wanted to correct – the day of the opening celebration is Saturday, Sept. 5th.

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