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Do you have any background info on why both North Natomas and South Natomas library hours are being cut, each losing an open day? Will North Natomas keep those same hours when they open the new building in January?

According to Natomas library branch managers Suzy Murray (North Natomas branch) and Vicki Rondeau (South Natomas branch) all 11 city libraries have been reduced to 36 hours/5 days per week due to the city budget cuts.

“With the reduction in hours, there was also a reduction in library staff at city branches. Staff was reallocated to county branches and no layoffs ocurred,” says Rondeau. “All city libraries will still have a children’s librarian and children’s programs as approved by the voters as part of the parcel tax.”

Starting July 6, the South Natomas Library hours are as follows:

Sunday/Monday closed Tuesday/Wednesday 12-8 p.m. Thursday 10-6 p.m. Friday 1-5 p.m. Saturday 9-5 p.m.

And North Natomas Library hours are as follows:

Monday/Tuesday 11-8 p.m. Wednesday/Thursday 11-6 p.m. Friday 1-5 p.m. Saturday/Sunday closed

“So, between the North and South Natomas branches, the Natomas community will have library services 6 days per week including three evenings,” says Murray. “Given current resources, we anticipate these hours will carry over to the new building.”

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