Report Neglected Swimming Pools

Depressed housing markets and foreclosures have led to many neglected swimming pools in the Natomas area.

Pools that are not maintained grow algae and bacteria and are fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes. One neglected swimming pool can produce millions of mosquitoes and infect an entire neighborhood putting you and your family at risk for West Nile virus.

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District can:

  • Work with a realtor, or property owner if necessary.
  • Place mosquitofish in the pool to eat the mosquito larvae.
  • Put a product in the pool that inhibits or kills the larvae.
  • Help you decide how to manage the pool so no more mosquitoes are produced.

The actions stop mosquito production, but the pool water may remain dirty and dark until it is properly filtered and chemically maintained. During this time, it is very important to NOT add chlorine to the water because this kills the mosquito fish and allows mosquitoes to re-infest the pool.

To report a pool, call the local mosquito control district at (800) 429-1022 or click here.

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