Heard In Natomas: City To Use THE CLUB?

Due to budget cuts the city has reduced its Parks & Recreation programs and facilities schedules which include closing the Natomas High School pool to all recreational swimming.

THE BUZZ has learned parents with children in the city’s 4th “R” child care program at Heron School have been told summer swimming would continue – at The Club in Natomas Park.

Club management told us today that a Natomas Park homeowner rented the 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. pool time. When informed that the three dozen youngsters who would be coming to the pool are enrolled in a city-run childcare program, Club management told us they needed to look into the arrangement.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Isn’t the 4th R program at Heron attended by children of Natomas Park residents?? Wouldn’t a number of their parents pay their homeowner’s dues and therefore be allowed to use the pool, anyway?

  2. I wonder if they’ll sort out the renters’ children from the owners’ children?

    *pure sarcasm- this is not intended to be an actual suggestion!*

  3. Anonymous says

    Yes, but a lot of them are probably renters….

  4. Anonymous says

    Yes–sort the children!!! Love that. I was thinking the same thing. How dare they let those “dirty” renters in their pristine pool! There must be some sort of misunderstanding here.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hello.. there is NO LIFEGUARD on duty! It would seem to me that the pool management might want to rethink that policy allowing so many YOUNG CHILDREN at the pool without their parents. CAN YOU SAY LIABILITY!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Here is a chance for Natomas Park to support a bunch of kids from their community,whether they rent or not, by letting them rent a few hours at The Club. It may make a difference in a few years when these kids are teenagers and are asked to value and respect the community they live in.


  7. Anonymous says

    Is it the Lagoon pool that was “rented”?
    I had no idea that homeowners could rent the pool. It sounds like the purpose of the rental (City run 4th R program) was not disclosed to the Club management initially?

  8. Anonymous says


  9. Anonymous says

    No, there isn’t a lifeguard, but the kids are being supervised by extremely trustworthy people from the 4th R program! And, yes the kids are residents of Natomas Park and have every right to swim!! Let the kids swim for goodness sake and stop whining!

  10. Caroline says

    I would be willing to bet that most of the kids attending Heron 4th R are already residents of NPMA, or are friends who have been to the pool with members. This is ridiculous that there is an uproar starting about it. As far as no lifeguard, the 4th R program is run by responsible adults and follow the proper adult-to-child ratio that is mandated by state law for day care facilities. I am also confident that they would not allow any rough-housing and improper behavior at The Club.

  11. Anonymous says

    If the city can’t afford to keep its own pools open and wants to rent a private facility, wouldn’t it make more sense that the CITY rent the facility?

    Please note: There are lifeguards on duty IN ADDITION to 4th R staff at public pools.

  12. Jeff Van Vliet says

    Apparently we have some people in our community that have nothing better to do than complain or have very little knowledge about the facts. Ninety percent of the kids are NPMA members. Renting the pool during non-peak hours is a great idea from a business standpoint and this program provide more in the form of a lifeguard than any of our state beaches or community pools! The fact that there is even one person who see’s something wrong with this is very surprising to me!!!!

  13. The 4th R Program at Heron School is a vital and important member of the Natomas Park community. The 4th R Staff are responsible, organized, professional, and first-aid certified. They will not only take excellent care of the children, but also make sure the children are respectful of The Club and club members. Moreover, most, if not all of the children, live in the neighborhood and are members of the club.

    During these times of economic uncertainty, we need to do our best to help keep community and educational programs running. I am a member of The Club, and I applaud The Club at Natomas for supporting the Heron School 4th R Program.

  14. Anonymous says

    My child attends the Heron School 4th R Program every day. She is there for at least 40 hours per week. We are members of The Club and active parents at Heron School. I think it’s shameful to even question the fact that the 4th R Program can use The Club facility, when they followed procedures and received permission to use the pool. The 4th R plays a vital role in Heron School and the families it serves and our community; the program deserves more respect than to be questioned about this, ESPECIALLY when all levels of government funding are being slashed. I am proud member of The Club amd thank them for helping find a safe place for the Heron 4th R students to swim for a couple of hours each week.

  15. 4th R Parent says

    As a Heron 4th R parent and a homeowner of Natomas Park, I am glad they will be using the facilities that we have been paying for. We were questioning the need to bus the children to Natomas HS when there was a community facility right down the street.
    The staff is responsible and the kids respect them. For safety reasons, the staff:children ratio is lower for water activities and they divide the kids based on skill level.

  16. Anonymous says

    It is a shame that due to budget cuts, the Natomas High School swimming pool had to close. What a wonderful idea to find an alternate location for the kids to continue to participate in the fun activities that have been a part of the 4th R Program in the past. For all of the skeptics, I am an owner in Natomas Park and I pay my dues just like everyone else and I think it is a grand idea for the kids to be able to swim at the Club Center. Although there are no lifeguards, the children will be supervised by 4th R Program staff who are quite capable of caring for the children. Parents, who choose to, could sign a release of liability form, so that their children can attend.

    Instead of finding something wrong with the situation and noting all of the negative, how about finding a solution to the problems. Would your outlook change if your child was attending the program…I wonder!

  17. Caroline says

    Whoever made the comment that most of the 4th R kids must be renters was brave enough to make a nasty comment, but hid as “anonymous”.(Posted 7/8 at 7:46am) As a working parent I am insulted by the insinuation that was made and as a homeowner I am embarassed that someone would think that a “renter” is somehow unworthy.

  18. Anonymous says

    If the Club makes a little money off of it, and the kids are supervised accordingly, I’m sure it will not be a problem. I go there pretty much every day and most of the kids and families are fine. 99% of the time, people check their bad habits at the door. And hey, if the Club can benefit from the districts inability to mangage itself, good for them. If I were a manager there, I’d explore futher ways to profit financially from our crappy district. This seems like its within reason and good PR even for the Club.

  19. Anonymous says

    I completely and absolutely support the use of the pool by the 4th program. Whoever has a problem with the kids using the Club’s pool, obviously has nothing better to do but complain. The majority, if not all, the 4th R kids belong to the Club. I’m a member of the club and I don’t have children and I am okay with the kids using the club.

  20. Anonymous says

    What does it matter whether someone is a renter or homeowner? I applaued the parent who suggested we try to use the pool. It is a fun activity for the kids. My kids have been attending 4th R the last 4 years and I could not think of taking them to a better place for safe and responsible child care. The staff have taken the kids on plenty of fieldtrips over the years and I have never heard of any of the kids getting hurt. The staff always thinks of the safety first for all the kids in there care. You people that are looking at whether someone is renting or buying should shut up and grow up and think of these kids who are only out to have a great and safe summer.

  21. Anonymous says

    I think the kids should definitely be aloud to use the pool. However, if they are in such need of money, why don’t they open up club membership to renters again? I am a renter, and because of that, my kids couldn’t use the pool this summer. Maybe I will enroll them in 4 R so they can use the pool, afterall. It’s the 4R pool loophole!

  22. Anonymous says

    I’ll be brave and dissent. Have you ever been to the club when parents allow their children to run around in the adult spa and lane pool areas, thinking it’s bothering no one? If the rules are followed, then there should be no problem. But when the rules are not followed now (see recent changes to stop allowing renters who were damaging the facility due to no feeling of accountability), then we are ignoring the reasons that this has been tried and fails. Those of us that want to use the adult facilities peacefully and free of errant children, appreciate the club workers who help enforce our necessary rules. Thank you!

  23. I am a resident of Natomas Park and I paid my share of the HOA. Yes my kid attends the 4th R program, but that doesn’t mean I cannot use the facility. How different is it for the residents (parents) of Natomas Park take their kid(s) to the club during the reserved time? Are the kids in your party Natomas Park resident?

  24. Anonymous says

    Jeff Van Vlient- can you site your source for this comment “Ninety percent of the kids are NPMA members.”

  25. steelergirl1974 says

    Reading some of the comments on “renters” on here disturbs me. I am a single mother, who has to rent since I cannot afford to buy a house. I am a respectful and clean person. I admit there are some people do screw things up. never the less, let kids use the pool. Thursday afternoon is a great time as most people are at work. My son attends 4th R and the staff ensures that rules are followed and are great at supervising the kids. My son was devestated when they were told that Natomas High pool had been closed. These kids look forward to this all summer. Let the kids use the pool.

  26. Anonymous says

    This may or may not alleviate some concerns. I have learned that the group will be using the pool one day a week. The kids will be supervised by 4th R staffers *and city lifeguards* brought in by them. jh homeowner/parent

  27. From the Natomas Park Club House Rules:

    1.6. Guests. Ordinarily, persons holding active Membership Cards shall be
    permitted to bring a reasonable number of Guests to The Club, as determined by
    the Operator. Any person entering The Club who does not hold a Membership
    Card or Nanny Pass shall be deemed a Guest.
    All persons not presenting a card and entering with a member, regardless of
    age, are counted as guests in the policy outlined below:
    Weekdays (not to include those that fall under holiday weekend policy)
    – 2 free guests per household, up to a total of 8 per household at $2.00 for
    guest 3-8.
    Weekends (Saturday and Sundays not to include those that fall under Holiday
    weekend policy)
    – 2 free guests per household, up to a total of 4 per household at $5.00 for
    guest 3 and 4.
    Holiday weekends (to include the Friday before or Monday after)
    – 2 guests per household at $5.00 (no free guests)

    2.3. Use by Minors, Individuals younger than fourteen (14) must be accompanied
    by an adult holding a Membership Card, Nanny-Pass or- Guest Pass, unless the
    individual is attending a Club sponsored event. Minors fourteen (14) years of age
    or older may use the Pool and Family Spa without adult supervision only if the
    Operator has received a Consent, Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreement
    executed by the child’s parent or legal guardian. Children under the age of
    fourteen (14) shall not be permitted in the Fitness Center under any
    circumstances. A minor fourteen (14) years or older will be permitted to use the
    Fitness Center with adult supervision. A minor fourteen (14) years or older will be
    permitted to use the Fitness Center without adult supervision provided his or her
    parent or legal guardian has signed a Consent, Waiver, Release and
    Indemnification Agreement. The Consent

  28. There have been a lot of comments made today about this post. This one posted early in the day stands out:

    It sounds like the purpose of the rental (City run 4th R program) was not disclosed to the Club management initially?

    Followed by several about the safety issues. We find this comment very informative:

    This may or may not alleviate some concerns. I have learned that the group will be using the pool one day a week. The kids will be supervised by 4th R staffers *and city lifeguards* brought in by them. jh homeowner/parent

  29. I pay my homeowner dues every month and never use the pool or any facilities. I support the children from 4thR using the pool. I can’t believe someone sent the NatomasBuzz this information and started this problem. Shame on you. This should never have been an issue.

  30. Anonymous says

    Funny how someone decided to make this an issue about renters. I’m guessing that wasn’t even the blogger’s intent when this was initially posted.

    I didn’t see anyone complaining (at least on a blog on the news) when any of the numerous Heron School “end-of-year” parties were held at The Club. Some of which were booked and paid for, some of which teachers, parents and kids just showed up for.

    Must be something more newsworthy, eh?

  31. First, my daughter is in 4th R and is a member of the club. I am tired of members making issues of things that matter very little to our lives.

    I don’t know what the break down is for members/non members at 4th R but I know a lot of parents and they are all members.

    Second, I do not see anymore liability there just because there are 4 R kids. I don’t see lifeguards there when the place is packed. I see kids with horns letting us know when to take the kids out of the pool.

    Yes I know some kids may not be members, but have you ever seen parties at the club? Those wrist bands are for non members. So we already allow non members in the club.

    If members wish to get angry over this they should get angry and write their councelmen and mayor about the city closing the high school pool. What you SHOULD be mad about is the cut backs the city is putting on services to those who pay taxes instead of cutting programs for those who have never paid for a darn thing.

    That is what you should really be mad about.

  32. Anonymous says

    wow! you anti-renters are some seriously petty people. it’s time for y’all to let go of that psychic pain from high school. you are good enough.

  33. Anonymous says

    It’s funny to me that the Buzz simply reported this story and some people turned it into a homeowners vs renters issue. How about focusing on the real story – budget cuts! What a creative way of addressing the larger issue of budget cuts! I hope the kids enjoy the Club!


  34. Anonymous says

    As a renter here in Westlake, I think you all should consider changing a few things on that side of the freeway. Namely, maybe you should let YOUR renters use the pool. (We’re all people after all…) Second, have you at least entertained the thought of subdividing some of the neighborhoods in Natomas Park into gated communities? I know that’s greatly enhanced our quality of life over here.

    At any rate, my best to all of you during these turbulent times.

    Lazlo Toth
    Westlake Resident

  35. Anonymous says

    Wow!!!! This is getting out of control. Last time I check … We are adults and are talking about kids. These kids could be mine, yours or your neighbor’s kids (within Natomas Park). I wish there was more emphasis on the kids then the “use” of the club. I’m sure that we have at one time or another felt like you were left out of something, whether a school yard game or being picked for something we thought was important. Now is our chance to let someone (the kids) to be felt not left out by something (budget cuts) out of their control? I’ve heard that the 4thR program is excellent, with more than qualified staffing, and do not expect anything different if they used our club. I think that we all need to look at the big picture which is the kids of our area and let them know that the NPHA (The Club) stepped up and helped out. Now posters turn the table and talk about renters using our pristine club and pool. I’m all for it. I’m for having every house in Natomas Park having a resident (renter or home owner) sure bets seeing a lot of foreclosure signs and overgrown grass and shrubs. I’m wondering if your kids have the same feelings towards their friends like their parents (you) do???

    I remember from the “Bad News Bears Movie”; “Let them play”. Now is our turn to let them play…

  36. Anonymous says

    The Club should be for homeowners in the area. Not schoolkids unless they are CLUB members or guests meeting the bylaws. The Club is already overcrowded. We pay for this Club and we should be the ones using it. The last thing we need is a bunch more kids running amock and screaming when we are trying to relax. How about a Club for grown-ups, you know, the ones who actually pay the dues? We don’t all have a bunch of kids!

  37. Anonymous says

    My daughter attends the 4th R Program @ Heron and I bought a home in Natomas Park. I am BAFFLED by all of the negative comments!!! We are talking about children swimming in a supervised pool 1 day a week (until school starts), in our community, that we all pay for…minus the renters because they don’t have a choice!! And who is to say that it was renters that damaged things? There are some pretty nasty homeowners out there who don’t take as good care of their homes as some of the renters do. Good lord, we do not live in Beverly Hills people!! Some of the people in this community are so snobby and have nothing better to do with their time than complain about being bothered with children at the pool while they are trying to sunbath!! Get a life!! Don’t go on Thursday!! Most of us “working” parents don’t have time to even take advantage of the pool so our dues go waste. This is a great way for our children to be able to enjoy what is rightly due to them!! I know my daughter will be having fun and I am more than confindent with the staff from the 4th R.

  38. Anonymous says

    I find this crazy. I have lived in Natomas Park for over 8 years and use the club facilities that I pay for 1/2 dozen times. The majority of these kids live and parents own in the park, why can’t they use it! How many are there during the hours that they want to use it for? What’s the difference if the school uses it or 4th R? I think that we need to have better things to complain about here and let the kids enjoy their summer!

  39. Anonymous says

    Anon @ 8:33am- I’m not sure what you expect to find at the Club in the middle of the afternoon during summer vacation. Natomas is a family friendly community. Of course there are going to be kids! Maybe it’s time to move to Heritage Park.

  40. Anonymous says

    I am surprised it is even legal to exclude the renters. Isn’t that discrimination? At the very least it creates a bigger line between the “haves” and the “have-nots.”

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