City Announces Reduced Garbage Services

As part of Fiscal Year 2009-10 budget reductions, the city’s Department of Utilities’ Solid Waste Division has announced several service changes effective July 6:

▪ Monthly street sweeping services will be reduced from monthly to bi-monthly.
▪ Illegal dumping service turnaround times will be extended from three day to seven day response times.
▪ Neighborhood appointment clean up service will be temporarily suspended until further notice.

Additional changes occurring on Monday, July 20:
▪ To accommodate the four day a week, 10 hour a day work week schedule, weekly residential collection service schedules will be adjusted. The Solid Waste Division will provide its customers additional information prior to the change, and will also have information online.

For more information, including garbage pick up, click here or contact 311.


  1. Anonymous says

    But isn’t the city raising its rates? Wake me when its over.


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