Seen In Natomas: Bye, Bye, Bye … Weeds

FINALLY, after complaining for several weeks to Sac city officials about the eyesore that was the landscape on Truxel Road between Prosper Road and Natomas Crossing (behind the Carriage Lane condos, near Oshima Sushi restaurant), someone came and cleared out the overgrowth! The landscape can still use some tending to, but today’s trim makes a load of difference in how this stretch of road appears.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hurray, one gob of weeds down, a million to go. North Natomas is Weedville isn’t it? Natomas Park is so lucky to have HOA. It is the only neighborhood where weeds are not the norm.

  2. Anonymous says

    The Hamptons also have an HOA so no weeds there! :)

  3. As the spokesperson for the City’s Department of Transportation, we believe the weeds will be maintained moving forward. The property is not City property. According to our streetscape supervisor, many attempts were made to locate and make contact with the current property management firm. After City staff invested significant time investigating, sending registered mail and phone calls to a security office, staff succeeded in making
    contact and advised the firm of their responsibility. Fortunately, the weeds were mowed the following day, before the City had to take action and bill the firm.

  4. Anonymous says

    So were the weeds the responsibility of the condo community located next to it or were they the responsibility of someone else? My understanding is that the land in question is slated to be used for lightrail when it comes through, so who actually owns the land?

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