Seen In Natomas: 30 Kids To A Class?

T.V. camera crews were spotted this morning on the Heron School campus where one 2nd grade teacher has added ten desks to her classroom just to see what it would look like with 30 students.

During a special budget workshop last week, Natomas Unified School District board of trustees decided to increase 2nd and 3rd grade class sizes from 20 students to 30 students per teacher in an effort to cut costs.

Also heard on the campus: Whether Sacramento fire inspectors would OK that many desks and students in the affected classrooms.

Budget cut talks resume at another special meeting of the board:

Special Board Meeting
June 11, 2009
Closed Session: 5:30 pm
Open Session: 6:30 pm
Education Center Board Room
1901 Arena Blvd.


  1. Uncle Doreen says

    It takes a unique heart to want to teach children. They are not paid nearly what they are worth now. It is completely unfair to require them to add 50% to their class size. I understand that times are difficult but this is not the answer.

  2. Anonymous says

    This plan is nuts. I help in my kid’s class and I can just imagine how this is going to impact the students. The slower ones will fall further behind .. the smarter ones will tune out. That is way too many children to try to instruct in a set amount of time.

  3. Uncle Doreen says

    What is next, putting each grade in autitoriums with one teacher and hoping for the best?

  4. Anonymous says

    NUSD is terrible.

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