NUSD Class Sizes In Flux For Fall

Natomas Unified School board of trustees met earlier this week and authorized issuing layoff notices to some five dozen teachers.

Despite their vote the previous week to limit class sizes in primary grades to 25 students, district officials now say there is the potential for kindergarten through 3rd grade classes to reach a ratio up to 30 to 1.

“We’re making every effort to have class sizes at 25 to 1 in grades K-3, but it’s too soon to say if we can achieve that given the severity of the state budget cuts to our school district,” says Heidi Van Zant, NUSD spokesperson.

In grades 4th through 5th, the district’s goal is a class size of 30 to 1. And in grades 6th through 12th grades class sizes could be more than 30 students.

“Generally, our contract with the Natomas Teachers Association provides that classes will not exceed 34-35 students at those grade levels, with a few exceptions for P.E. and music classes which may be higher,” says Van Zant.

“The district is sorry about cuts it is being forced to make because of state budget crisis.”

A detailed budget update will be released by the district later today.


  1. Anonymous says

    So sad for my friends and colleagues who are learning today that they have been laid off for next year.

  2. Anonymous says

    I really don’t appreciate the rhetoric that the school district was “forced” to make these cuts because of the state budget crisis.

    Yes, the newly elected board members inherited this mess, but the incumbent board and superintendent should not be allowed to hide behind the budget crisis and escape all responsibility for this mess.

    And why is the 13 million land deal being swept under the carpet? The same people that thought this was a good idea are now balancing the school budget at our children’s expense.


  3. Anonymous says

    I am a teacher myself and I can tell you that education will be compromised in every way. Increased exposure to sicknesses, limited materials, classroom management issues, teacher burnout…the list is endless.

  4. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I don’t believe the district’s figures either. When have they ever been right? Those poor teachers. The poor students. Why is this being allowed!

  5. Anonymous says

    Because our school board is terrible and they make tons of excuses for failing our kids.

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