North Natomas Library Sneak Peek!



  1. Uncle Doreen says

    Wow! This is really coming to gether fast. I am looking forward to the doors opening. Do you know when that will be?

  2. This is awesome; a tremendous piece of good news for North Natomas residents.

  3. Anonymous says

    So with all the budget cuts is this thing really ever going to open and function as a library?

  4. Randi Kay Stephens says

    We are so excited to see the construction of this library come alive. The Friends of the Library will have their very own store, the children’s area will include special reading areas for older and little ones, quiet space and a community room accommodating 75 people are included too. This contemporary building with natural lighting is one story and thoughtfully designed to have minimum energy use.
    This library has already become an asset and community focal point! We are as anxious as you are for the January 2010 opening date to be announced. It will take approximately two months to fill the shelves, stock the supplies, and set up all the computers and technology once the construction has been completed. City & Library Staff are looking forward to celebrating with the Friends of the Library and the Community for this treasure to be opened.
    Thank you,
    Randi Kay Stephens
    Council District One
    [email protected]

  5. This is wonderful and I’m so glad that construction was able to stay on course without interruption. North Natomas deserves a library we can call our own and this one will be a real gem for the community.

    Let us not forget that the library construction schedule was at risk at one point. The Buzz reported three months ago that Tretheway’s office tried to steal $5 million from North Natomas infrastructure funds to do it and tried to pit the Friends of the North Natomas Library against the community leaders who were working tirelessly to correct the many flaws in the North Natomas Finance Plan. “Shame, shame,” The Buzz wrote — and rightfully so!!

    Community leaders continued to push the city for a better solution for a bridge loan that did not steal from our infrastructure dollars, and we finally got it. What Tretheway’s office failed to do, we did, and we didn’t have to lie or cheat to get it done either.

    For more information on this issue and how the community overcame this inexcusable stunt, I invite you to read “Community Leaders Step In to Repair Fatally Flawed North Natomas Finance Plan” on Angelique Ashby’s Web site.

  6. Angelique Ashby says

    The library will be great.

    Karen & Nancy and all of the friends of the library should be very proud of their efforts.

    And the leadership involved in the North Natomas Finance Plan that pushed the city to find funding to finish the library without jeopardizing other important projects should also be proud.

    There was a time, not too long ago, that this library’s final build out was predicated on cutting $5 million dollars out of the funding for other important Natomas infrastructers.

    The partnership between friends of the library and the NNFP community leaders worked to secure the final build out without being irresponsible about other needed projects and services in our area.

    A true community effort for our new community library.

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