It’s True. Really.

‘Nuff said.


  1. Hmmm… So much for being open “about a year” as was reportedly their original plan

  2. They only planned on being there a year… but they barely made it four months. But honestly, what did they expect? They did know the previous tenant was a failed book store right?

  3. Anonymous says

    It was a pretty pathetic place, hopefully something kid friendly can go there, like in Davis, an exploitorium or discovery museum.

  4. Now there is room for a Dimple Records!!

  5. I wonder how many of those fighting Goodwill locating there bothered to shop there? Crown Books is a temp shop that sucks whatever they can out of the market and if it’s not there, moves on.

    We have a discovery museum here in Sacramento.

    I would suggest that next time any business short of a strip club wants the space, we all shut up and let them try.

  6. Anonymous says

    Those are great options. And, how many of us have had to drive clear across the valley to get our kids to a Chucky Cheese? Where is the nearest party supply store? Most of us have children. We will be catering to their birthdays for years. We are going to our 8th birthday party this school year.
    I hope the developer thinks out of the box and goes after something we can use.
    And stop begging for a Trader Joes .. Dont you realize that will kill the already struggling Safeway and Raley’s. That would leave us with even higher grocery store prices .. and limited food options for families on a budget.

  7. Anonymous says

    My wife stopped there a few times to buy kids books. Said it didn’t look too good inside and was usually not busy. I can’t imagine who would give that location a try now…especially in this economy with businesses closing left and right.

  8. We popped in today and picked up a few gift items. There were about 10 other shoppers at the same time, most of whom were surprised to hear the store was closing despite the humongous sign on the door!

  9. Anonymous says

    I was against the Goodwill and still am.
    Since you asked, we have made it a point to shop at Crown every few weeks.. buying books as gifts .. just to try and help out. We are also intentionally hitting all of the other shops in that area. Shop local!
    FYI, all of the other cities in our region have shops closing too. Don’t try to make this a strictly Natomas issue.

  10. Anonymous says

    A few times I’ve been around the area it didn’t seem like anyone was there, I just think it’s too big of a lot for this type of bookstore.

  11. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I fought that Goodwill store and would do it again. I’m not too good a shuting up and taking whatever these developers and landlords want to hand ya (seen the WIG Shop yet?) And yeah, I shopped at this Crownn Books to keep my dollars at work in my community. The product wasn’t all that great, you had to hope they had something you liked and much of their stuff was outdated.

    Love the comments about kid friendly…the party store is a good idea. Tried to go to Party America yesterday at Howe bout Arden and it was gone…


  12. Trader Joes, please come to Natomas!

  13. Anonymous says

    Goodwill sucks, Crown Books was barely viable. We need real stores (Trader Joes, Party City, Dimple, A bowling alley, Nordstrom rack, something real…).
    Give me a break, its not all about Natomas and it is not all about the economy, it is all of those things, not just one.
    Natomas did, can and should stand up for itself, no one else is going to stand up for us.

  14. I find it perplexing that you think keeping a Goodwill out is standing up for yourself. It provides job training, has a great business model, and is a growing concern. All the things you would want in a retailer. I challenge you to speak with the leadership at Goodwill and review the improvements that the very savvy CEO has made over the past few years.

  15. To be fair — I had negative things to say about Goodwill months ago when they were eyeing the space, on the basis that I had walked into one on Arden Way a couple of months before and it was nothing short of a disaster in there.

    I have learned since then, and seen with my own eyes, that the Arden store was completely remodeled and was significantly improved.

    So, it is clear to me that Goodwill is trying to spruce up its image, and for that, I commend them. Unfortunately, their reputation (at least with me) of having at least one really icky store at some point did not do them any favors — you know what they say about only having one chance to make a first impression. I do wish them continued improvement and success.

    I still think that the former Borders location deserves better — better than Goodwill, better than short-timer Crown Books. Hopefully we’ll get something we all will enjoy.

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