In The News: NUSD Budget Cuts Get More Ink

The Sac Bee today ran another article about the Natomas Unified School District’s decision earlier in the week, this time spotlighting plans to increase 2nd and 3rd grade class sizes from 20 to 30 students per teacher.

THE BUZZ has heard from parents and teachers alike on this particular issue and when we asked the NUSD about whether this decision was final, we were told, “The cuts made this week are official although any board decision can be re-visited.”

At the meeting next week, trustees will decide whether to boost class size at the kindergarten level too. Board members have stated plans to steer clear of 1st grade, but some teachers are saying upping class sizes from 20 to 25 in kindergarten through 3rd grades would be a better solution all the way around.

When we look at the $$$ being saved with these cuts, the numbers look like a mere drop in the bucket… We can’t help wonder: At what cost?

Click here to read the Sac Bee article. Click here to check out a NUSD document with budget saving ideas. Click here to contact the NUSD board of trustees.


  1. Anonymous says

    As a parent, I don’t like how these bugdet cuts are making Natomas schools, K-12, less responsive and less comprehensive with each passing board meeting. I’m not a big believer in private schooling at the K-8 level but Natomas Unified is giving me no reason to continue to trust in its ability to properly manage our kids’ education. I can tell you the word on the street is to either go charter or Catholic school now for that matter.

  2. As a teacher in one of the affected grades, it feels like the board is trying to lay the burden of this budget on me. My 2nd and 3rd grade colleagues are the ONLY ones in the district being asked to shoulder 1/3 more work. Not only is there no increase in pay for doing 33% more work, but there will likely be a decrease and a furlough. It’s not fair to ask only a few to take on the burden of higher class sizes. This should have been spread out over the entire district by increasing everyone 2-3 students.

  3. Anonymous says

    ANON…I totally agree with you. Everyone I know in my neighborhood (near Two Rivers Elem), is looking into Charter or private!!! ESPECIALLY for middle school and high school.

  4. Anonymous says

    Is anyone else humiliated yet? We are in the Bee every single day for having the worst school district in the region…sigh!
    NUSD is making our entire community look bad, I feel sorry for the teachers and the families because they are the ones paying the price. You are all so right about the board making it someone elses problem. Whatever…

  5. Anonymous says

    I have read where charter schools are an option, can anyone inform me how a student enters one, all in Natomas are impossible to attend, Westlake Charter had 400 apply and 12 made it to K grade, Natomas Charter is not much better. Parents are seeing falling test scores and think the charter schools are better, how does one reasonably get accepted to one?? Also, are the addmission guidelines made public at charter schools??

  6. Anonymous says

    Mostly its by lottery. I think you have to get on it well in advance, even years. I don’t think its the same for Catholic schools…just some are more impacted than others. I think its only fair to ask that you kid be able to (god forbid) go the library on campus or (gasp) play a sport or even (this is crazy talk) be in a small class.

  7. Anonymous says

    Westlake Charter does have a lottery system. There is some preferences which include founding parents (those who volunteered 50 documented hours before the school was open), low-income, employee, sibling, and living in the district. They take 60 kindergarteners each year. Also in 4th grade the class size goes from 20, up to 24, which adds additional spots. Plus, people move all the time or decide to give up their spot, so there is always a chance. But once you get in you are required to volunteer at the school for a minimun of 30 hours per year, so be prepared. The application period begins in January- Febuary and the lottery is soon after. You don’t need to be on a wait-list for years as it does not roll over.


  8. Anonymous says

    Since the charter schools are still part of the district… Are they being asked to increase class size too? It would only seem fair. They are still accepting district financing aren’t they?

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