City Declares Spare the Water Alert

With significant temperatures bearing down on the Sacramento region, the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities today issued a Spare the Water Alert for Monday, June 29 through Wednesday, July 1.

When temperatures reach their peak, demand for water stretches the City’s treatment and pumping abilities, making it difficult to refill storage supplies overnight. Refilling these supplies is critical to running the distribution system efficiently, having enough water pressure and retaining adequate reserves for fire emergencies.

Energy costs for treating and pumping water to homes are also highest during peak temperatures, especially during late afternoon. This means higher energy costs for the City, and can mean higher water and energy bills for customers.

Customers are urged to reduce and delay non-essential water use in order to conserve water and energy, especially in the late afternoon. Tips for quickly reducing water use include:

· Delaying all outdoor water use, including landscape irrigation, until early morning or late at night.
· Waiting to use big appliances such as the dishwasher or clothes washer.

Additional tips on reducing water can be found at

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