Breaking News: Purse Snatch Suspects Arrested

Sac PD officers arrested a 16-year-old suspect in the Viva Market purse snatching at his home yesterday and a second 17-year-old suspect wanted in connection with the Raley’s purse snatchings turned himself in to authorities at about 3 p.m. today.

Over the last several weeks, numerous incidents of purse snatchings at Raley’s on Natomas Boulevard and Viva Market on Norwood Avenue had been reported to Sac PD. In most cases, purses were stolen from shopping carts while victims shopped in the produce section of these stores where the suspect would run by and grab the purse.

“There was great information provided by some concerned citizens who chased the suspects on a couple of the incidents and good security camera footage from the stores,” reports Capt. Daniel Hahn. “Det. Mark Johnson worked on this case and was able to identify one of the suspects who did the purse snatch at Viva Market and one of the suspect’s who did a purse snatch at Raley’s.”

Police believe it is possible these two suspects are responsible for all of the reported purse snatch incidents.



  1. Anonymous says

    It scares me that a bunch of 16 and 17 year old’s can get away with something like this for that long.

  2. Anonymous says

    and because they are juvenile’s they are likely to get off with very little punishment. And they know it….

  3. Perhaps my wife can get her stuff back.

  4. And a message to you folks in North Natomas. Just keep on top of these minor crime things. Have no tollerance or acceptance of these folks and the substandard culture that this behaviour represents.

  5. Anonymous says

    Matthew, good commentary. The problem we have here on Natomas is that the current schools superintendent has too much tolerance. So much so, our school and spilling into the community has become unsafe due to his lack of standards. We need a serious change!

  6. Anonymous says

    I hate to say it but the only way to send that kind of message is to come down hard and very public on these morons. Summer is just starting and a lot of kids in Natomas will have nothing to do. Now that the district is a mess, there will be even fewer outlets for their energy. Everyone knows crime goes up in Natomas because of this and the kids need to see what happens when you try something like this.

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