You Asked, We Got The Answer

“What is being built on the corner of Arena Boulevard and Gateway Oaks? Kitty-corner to the Coca-Cola plant? They leveled part of the big parking lot that used to be there, but I still can’t figure out what they are doing.”

According to Troy A. Estacio, the senior VP of Development Services for the Buzz Oates Group of Companies, the area asked about is being cleared for a two-story office at North Market. It is designed to be similar to buildings the developer already has along Del Paso, but a little more linear (see picture). The site is within the County of Sacramento, not the city limits.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hmmm…, there aren’t enough empty buildings already? BAS

  2. Anonymous says

    Seriously. A good number of those already empty are owned by Buzz Oates!

  3. Anonymous says

    looks like a nice building.

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