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Do you know what is going in on the corner of Del Paso Road and El Centro, right in front of the hotel? They have put up a chainlink fence around it and started clearing the weeds. There is a construction trailer out there too, but no signs saying what is coming.

“I just spoke with the architect for this project and there are no tenants identified at this time.

The two buildings will be constructed as “vanilla shells”, which means the buildings are constructed and basic finishings (white walls, concrete floor, bathroom, and air conditioning) are provided. These tenant spaces are then ready to be leased and filled by a business/tenant. The building to the north is programed for 4 tenant spaces and the building to the south is programed for 6 tenant spaces. The owner/developer is continuing to work on his plans for a small market that would occupy 2 of the 6 spaces in the southern building.

The property is zoned Employment Center, which allows for a mix of uses, including office, and certain percentages of retail and housing. The planning entitlements for these 2 retail buildings, along with the adjacent hotel were approved in 2005.”

– Greg Bitter, Principal Planner
Current Planning Division
Development Services Dept.


  1. Anonymous says

    PLEASE bring in a Trader Joes!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh great, more empty commercial space.


  3. Anonymous says

    Too small for a TJ’s I think and very bad access and parking. It’ll probably be something very small- maybe a small counter service restaurant for the hotel. The small market will probably be more like a 7-11 than a TJ’s.

  4. Bad access and poor parking?
    That sounds like every Trader Joes Ive ever been to. (fingers crossed)

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