Sac City Releases Balanced Budget Proposal

The City of Sacramento’s today released its proposed budget for the 2009-10 fiscal year.

As proposed, the budget addresses a projected $50 million general fund shortfall with reductions in programs, services, and jobs. In spite of budget cuts necessary to balance next year’s budget, city officials contend Sactown will continue to be a “full-service city.”

The proposed budget will be brought to the City Council on May 19. Adoption of the final budget is expected June 16.

As proposed, the budget totals $875.1 million from all funding sources and supports 4,545 authorized full time positions. The general fund totals $385.9 million and 3,180 authorized full-time equivalent employees with 387 positions proposed to be unfunded. Of those 387 positions proposed to be cut, approximately 188 positions are still filled and at risk of
layoff. The proposed budget closes this budget gap with:

  • $28.9 million reduction in labor costs, including the unfunding of 387 full-time equivalent jobs
  • 6.0 million reduction in service and supplies expenses
  • $5.1 million in new revenues
  • $8.3 million in one-time funding

In March, the Sacramento Police Officer’s Association voted to accept labor concessions. Since then, the City has been negotiating with other unions to reach labor concessions which could help reduce layoffs.

The process of cutting back and creating vacancies to help balance the budget began in October 2007. In an effort to educate and engage the community about the city’s budget process and deficit, the city held budget workshops in January and February and attended five
neighborhood association meetings.

To view the proposed budget please visit:


  1. Anonymous says

    It’s about time they cut back…

    This City is bloated with pork.

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