Watch Out For Suspicious Activity

Good morning,

I received a call from a property manager with {A NORTH NATOMAS APARTMENT COMPLEX}. Their maintenance encountered suspicious activity this morning and obtained some great details on potential suspects. Recently {A NORTH NATOMAS APARTMENT COMPLEX} has experienced a rash of door-kick burglaries targeting units with visible (open blinds) flat screen televisions and other entertainment systems/DVDs/ games. Similar acts were reported on Robslist from the HOA recently as well.

This morning at about 9:30 a.m., maintenance saw a black male young adult roaming the community. He was in his late teens to early twenties wearing black pants and a black hoodie. The hoodie was pulled over his head. He is believed to have a large or long afro, as some of his hair was protruding from his hoodie. When confronted by maintenance, he related he was looking for a friend’s apartment, but did not have a name or a unit number. He was admonished and escorted off the property by maintenance. The subject made threatening remarks to maintenance as he departed, cursing at him and relating that he would be back later.

At about 10:15 a.m. maintenance noticed {a lookout} standing on his patio talking on a cell phone, maintenance noticed that {the lookout} was looking across the way at two men at the doorway of unit {XXX}. It became evident to maintenance that {the lookout} was acting as a lookout for the two, as {he had an} excellent vantage point. As maintenance came near, the resident on the phone alerted two suspects to his presence. The two suspects were:

1. Black Male Adult, 5-8, early 20s, “well dressed” with nice pants and a dress shirt that had rhinestones on it.

2. Black Male Adult, 5-8, early20s, very light skin tone, wearing a du-rag

Upon being alerted to the presence of maintenance, both suspects quickly departed unit {XXX}’s doorway and headed to a getaway vehicle. The vehicle was parked illegally, backed up to building 7 near unit {XXX}. Its trunk lid was standing open and the vehicle was left running. The vehicle was a gold colored BMW with a CA Lic # of 1MOY464. The vehicle and the two suspects departed the property in the vehicle quickly.

Just after this occurred, maintenance continued searching the property for unusual characters. He encountered a Black Male Adult walking through the property talking on a cell phone. He too was in his early 20s. He was distinctive, with long dreadlocks with red colored tips. The maintenance man recalled having seen this person before associating with {the lookout}.

Next, maintenance encountered an undescribed female sitting in a silver Honda Accord, CA Lic # 4FLZ958. As he approached her and inquired to her business, she departed quickly and headed to the other side of the property where she picked up the male above (red-tipped dreadlocks) before hurrying out of the community.

Matt Carroll
Vice President
Paladin Private Security
PPO 15029


  1. Anonymous says

    Excellent job on the part of the maintenance person. Paying attention, getting all the car information. BAS

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