Mayor KJ Hosts Natomas Town Hall

Mayor Kevin Johnson addresses those attending his town hall session tonight at Natomas High School.


  1. Anonymous says

    Does not look well attended.

  2. The guy whose kid has autism, I felt so bad, I can’t believe that our school district leaders can be so cruel to deny his son’s entry into the district. I hope the Trustees can push the superintendent to do something about it. Seen him talking to the Mayor’s mom outside and KJ’s staff actually brought him back in, handing him business cards. The Mayor handled it well and the guy got a standing ovation. I wish him all of the luck. All he wanted was his support with a letter. I am sending my letter first thing as a parent.

  3. Anonymous says

    I wasn’t at the meeting, but as a parent of a child with autism, Natomas district is AWFUL about services. They deny services that are needed, and restrict services to only the most severe students. Kids like mine who are higher functioning, but are still AUTISTIC, get little or no help, and then get all kinds of grief when they end up with behavior problems. Go figure, when you deny behavioral intervention services to a child who cannot control their own emotions, they will have problems.

  4. Anonymous says

    Are we talking about the public schools or the Charters? The public schools can’t and don’t deny anyone in, but the Charter schools have different rules and feel free to deny entry. I am wondering what school in Natomas did this?

  5. Does anyone know if the Oakland Athletics are moving to Sacramento, I think this would also be a good concern for the Mayor to address, I want our homes to go up, I think the Kings have brought down the prices of our homes

  6. Lisa Kaplin was there, isn’t she a board member or trustee or whatever? Why didn’t she stand up and offer to help?
    I felt terrible for him too…

  7. I wasn’t at the meeting so I don’t know. But there are rules about public schools that do allow them to deny entry. If the student doesn’t live in the district, has caused major behavioral disruptions (violence in particular) or a few other issues, they can be denied entry to the school.

    Also, the mayor really has no control over the school districts unless the superintendents agree to work with him. If people have concerns, they should to go the school board, the superintendent and then the state Dept. of Ed.

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