Got Teens? Get To Know City’s Curfew Law

The City of Sacramento has a curfew law that makes it a misdemeanor for any minor to remain in any public place or any establishment within the city during curfew hours – which is any time after 10 p.m. There are some exceptions to this ordinance such as if the minor is with their parent or attending an official school function, religious function, or organized dance or sporting event that is supervised by adults.

The Sacramento Police Department will conduct random Curfew Sweeps over the next several months in an attempt to ensure that young people are complying with this City Ordinance. If you would like more information about Sacramento’s Curfew Ordinance, you can go to and select “City Codes”

The Curfew Ordinance is 9.40.020 of the Sacramento City Code. It is the hope of the Sacramento Police Department that minors will be engaged in positive and productive things late at night as opposed to being violation of the Curfew Ordinance.

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