Seen In The Neighborhood

The new Arco gas station on West El Camino, at Interstate 80, is open for business today! Thanks for the pic R.K.S.!


  1. Anonymous says

    I live in the nieghborhood behind the gas station. Some of our neighbors are very upset to see this gas station go in here. Yesterday, there were staggering reports of people making illegal U-turns and several close calls with drivers coming out of the station. Please respect our neighborhood and drive appropriately when you are over here.

  2. Anonymous says

    I too saw someone making an illegal U-turn yesterday, just west of the station.

    Not that it’s a good excuse — but I hope it’s just because people were doing a double-take, not expecting it to be open, but upon seeing it open, all of a sudden realized an urgent need for chewing gum or something…?

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