Second Kidnap Attempt Near Natomas School

Natomas Park Elementary School officials are warning their parents of a possible kidnap attempt near the campus.

According to a Connect Ed message issued Thursday afternoon, a man approached an Natomas Park Elementary School student and tried to lead him into his car. The man was light skinned in his mid twenties with a gold goatee, wearing black clothes, sunglasses and a blue baseball cap.

The student was able to get away and ran to a nearby home childcare. The incident occurred on North Bend near Baines at about 2:20 p.m.

The suspect was driving a black two-door car with full tinted windows, rear spoiler, and black rims. If you have any information regarding this incident or see anything matching this description you are urged to contact Sacramento Police at 264-5471.


  1. Not to downplay the incident, because it really sucks if true, but a “gold” goatee? Do they mean blonde, or really gold colored? That just struck me as sort of odd.

    Nonetheless I hope they catch the sick bastard.


  2. Anonymous says

    Hey Johnny,
    We’re talking about a 5th grader, he was panicked and said the beard looked gold, the puke child molester has a blonde beard. I hope dad’s can patrol the schools at closing and find this bastard, and maybe just shoot him and avoid a costly trial and prison costs.

  3. Anonymous says

    They should update this, it was later found that the kid made the whole thing up.

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