Missing: Much-Loved Puppy Wanted Back Home


The Shih Tzu puppy pictured here was taken from its front yard on Thursday 3/5/09.

The person(s) was not seen taking him and could have picked the puppy up while he was near the front sidewalk and its family occupied. The puppy’s family lives on the 3200 block of Normington Drive in South Natomas.

The 1-year-old Shih Tzu puppy has a dog tag with his family’s phone number, but they have yet to receive any calls.

The person who took the puppy may live in the neighborhood, and may not want to return him, as most of the reward signs posted on friends’ and neighbors’ fences were taken down the next morning.

The family has checked with the SPCA and had no luck. Please help return this puppy home. He is missed very much!

If found, please call 334-7365 or 595-0113.

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