Matsui Introduces Two Bills to Help Natomas

Legislation will allow for construction of public safety buildings and clarification of flood designations

Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-05) has introduced two additional bills today to help Natomas and other communities that are improving their flood protection systems.

The Public Safety Enhancement Act will allow for construction of new fire or police stations to take place in urban areas such as Natomas that have been mapped into flood zones.
Rep. Matsui also introduced a bill to provide technical changes to federal flood zone designations. The purpose of this bill is to modernize the federal criteria and to allow communities to have a better sense of the actual criteria they need to reach certain milestones.

Last week Congresswoman Matsui introduced the Natomas Basin Flood Protection Improvements Act that will authorize the Natomas Levee Improvement Program (NLIP) and allow for federal funding.

“The two bills I introduced today will go a long way to address the concerns of those who live and work in areas designated by FEMA as flood zones, such as Natomas. Last week, I introduced another bill to ensure that the NLIP is authorized and eligible for federal funding. These three bills represent common sense policies that will enhance the NLIP and protect those that call Natomas home by allowing the construction of public safety buildings, clarifying thresholds for A-99 flood designations, and authorizing federal funding so it can get to 200-year flood protection,” stated Rep. Matsui.

The Public Safety Enhancement Act will allow the City of Sacramento to build a multi-use, public safety facility in Natomas, which is home to 80,000 residents. The facility would house both police and fire personnel. In recent months there have been a number of house fires in the area, highlighting the need for such a facility.

“Public-safety continues to be my number one priority. It is vital for Natomas to build the public safety infrastructure it needs to protect its residents,” stated Rep. Matsui

After working for many months with local and state flood protection officials, Rep. Matsui has also introduced legislation that would clarify and modernize the criteria for an A-99 flood zone designation. While ensuring public safety remains the first and foremost goal, this bill will assist communities that are in the midst of modernizing their existing flood protection systems by updating current law to take local, state and federal funding into account when determining designations.

The City of Sacramento and the State of California have devoted millions of dollars toward flood protection. This bill will allow that investment to be recognized by FEMA when they review the progress made on Natomas levees and determine the area’s flood designation.

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