LOST: Be On The Lookout For Little Lia

This small, three-month old female puppy went missing around 7:30 p.m. on March 9.

Name: Lia
Color: Re with white patch on chest, black muzzle, black eyes
Breed: Shiba Inu
Last Seen: San Juan & Truxel

Call (916) 281-5220 with information. Reward offered if found!


  1. Anonymous says

    UPDATE: Lia the missing 3 month old shiba inu puppy is home. Thanks for all your well wishes and support. It is a miracle because she was not wearing id when she darted out March 9th around 7:30pm. She was found March 12 around 10pm when I received a phone call of a ladie claiming she had my puppy and didn’t care about the reward she just wanted it to be my dog she had seen posters posted around the neighborhood and seen my puppy roaming the neighborhood for TWO DAYS then finally called. I’m glad that person felt our pain of losing her and recognized how much we love Lia by not giving up. I went to the caller’s address and saw Lia was dirty and skinny but I knew she was my baby because of those beautiful eyes. I immediately microchip her the next day and have made her wear her collar not matter how much she hates it. Please learn from me the importance of id because you never know what could happen.
    – Brenda Herrera

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