Uh, What Is Going On At Kohl’s?

A curious NATOMAS BUZZ reader took this photograph and sent it to us.

Apparently the picketers work for 3D Construction and are complaining, per their flier and website, that Reeve-Knight and Kohl’s fail to pay standard wages and benefits as established by the Carpenters in Northern California union.

Calls to the picketers’ spokesperson were not returned to THE BUZZ, but the manager in Kohl’s told us the protestors are opposed to the department store chain’s practice of hiring their own employees for construction projects versus outside construction companies.

For what it’s worth.

Thanks, E.M.!


  1. What exactly are the “standard” wages and benefits as established by the Carpenter’s union? None of their literature provides that information.

    And is it an issue of Kohl’s opting out of an existing contract they have with the union, or is this just a means to an end for getting that contract made?

    In other words, are these guys getting the shaft or is this just a union shakedown tactic?

  2. I saw the picketers and signage last week and it just plain pissed me off. I mean, in these crazy economic times is it really appropriate to be out in front of a struggling business bashing them?

    I was raised in a pro-union family, but lately I’m not seeing a whole lot to be proud of.


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