River Landing Residents Oppose Planned Fuel Tank

Residents of the River Landing condominiums are up in arms about plans by the Riverbank Marina to install a giant above-ground fuel tank adjacent to their homes.

Homeowners received a letter dated Feb. 17 from the Central Valley Flood Protection board which details the marina’s plans for a 6,000 gallon fuel tank. The condos are on the Garden Highway next to the Virgin Sturgeon restaurant.

One condo owner has reportedly spoken to the architect who designed the structure and has said it is safe. But homeowners are still worried about the risks associated with having the fuel load of an airliner so close to their homes, its susceptibility to vandalism, and the impact it will have on property values.

Condo residents say they are disappointed the River Bank Marina did not make them aware of the project in November 2008 when the permit was issued by the City of Sacramento and feel the location should be reconsidered and a mutually acceptable location agreed upon.

One NATOMAS BUZZ reader asked fellow Natomas residents join them to protest the plan Feb. 25 at 4:45 p.m. Those interested are meeting at the dumpster, the west end of the marina.

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