Natomas Property Crimes On The Rise

Sac PD Capt. Daniel Hahn recently released crime statistics for North Natomas, South Natomas and Gardenland/ Northgate, comparing January of 2009 to January of 2008:

Police Beat 1A (North Natomas)

  • Residential burglaries are up 50% (16 to 24)
  • Business burglaries are up 300% (4 to 16)
  • Vehicle burglaries are up 27% (33 to 42)
  • Robberies stayed even with last year (2)

Police Beat 1B (South Natomas)

  • Residential burglaries went down 47% (21 to 11)
  • Stolen vehicles went down 38% (34 to 21)
  • Robberies went down 66% (6 to 2)

Police Beat 1C (Gardenland/Northgate)

  • Residential burglaries went down 20% (10 to 8)
  • Vehicle burglaries went up 71% (7 to 12)
  • Stolen vehicles went up 13% (15 to 17)
  • Robberies went up 200% (1 to 3)

Property crimes seem to be trending upward in general, but we can impact that by working together and communicating,” says Hahn. “Remember, most of our burglaries are happening during the daylight hours. By knowing our neighbors and calling in suspicious activity, and police officers conducting good investigations… we can impact crime in a positive way.”


  1. This is good information. Crime also went up where I live in Robla.

    We ALL need to keep reminding the City Council that we do not want to see cuts in police on the street. Public Safety affects everyone from homeless to multimillion dollar home owners. BAS

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