In The News: Police Raid Natomas Home

Update: Three of four suspects in alleged Natomas home rental fraud have turned themselves in to law enforcement authorities according to Sac Bee reports.

The Sac Bee is reporting Sac PD officers raided a Westlake home about an hour ago in an attempt to arrest those squatting at the residence illegally.

No arrests were made during the raid, but warrants have been issued for the four individuals believed to have participated in the “cash for keys” scam.

For more details, click here to read Sac PD’s press release.

Photos of suspects wanted on suspicion of criminal trespass.


  1. I think it’s hilarious that the two ladies are smiling like it’s a yearbook picture and the two guys below aren’t smiling like they’re being booked into jail, which they are. Did they honestly think that no one was going to do anything about them squatting? Also putting a ‘Justifiable Homicide’ sign out front doesn’t help you be covert.

  2. I think they’re DMV shots, not mugshots. At least the top two appear to be.

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