BUZZ EXCLUSIVE: No Goodwill In Natomas

THE BUZZ has just learned Goodwill Industries is withdrawing from its lease negotiations with Park Place 2, the former Border’s site, and is currently looking at other prospects outside the Natomas area.


  1. Cueing comments about how this is a good thing followed by knee-jerk accusations of ignorance, suburban snobbery and eventually racism.

    In 5, 4, 3, 2….


    P.S. I think it’s a good thing.

  2. that is great news!!!

  3. YEAH!

    Now… let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a Dollar Store…

  4. What is the source for this news? Where can we read more?

  5. woo hoo!!!!

  6. I actually don’t think it’s a huge loss either way. Natomas is not going to recover unless we, the residents, unite and let the city know we cannot absorb any more as in NONE low income inclusionary apartment complexes. I would have honestly love to seen the outrage expressed at a stupid thrift store result in the same turnout at the last SHRA housing meeting. Instead, it was the same group of citizens I’ve seen in the past. You all need to get a grip, if you don’t want Goodwill type stores, you need to darn well fight the coming -and they are coming – inclusionary projects.

  7. that will probably be true John but we should at least start with giving credit to natomasbuzz first. This site is the best for giving Natomas news to us residents first before all of the media outlets. Excellent job from the small things, to the big issues!

  8. … and will it be better to have an empty store front … rather, *another* empty store front in Natomas?

  9. It will be better. Thing long term, not short term. Let’s see if we can use our same energies to bring something great to that location!

    And, I note that Ray T. is taking credit for this one. HA! The Buzz scoop is what led to the story being posted on several yahoo groups, followed by much discussion and Natomas residents sharing their outrage on two networks. Gee Ray, don’t remember you on my front porch that day…


  10. You’re right, my humble apologies for not giving props to the Buzz. Awesome job on getting the word out on this and everything else going on in Natomas!


  11. Ditto what Becky said.

  12. Ah, and some say no one listens. Great job! Becky with that attitude nothing changes. It’s a start better than nothing. Period.

  13. From South Natomas says

    So, clarify something for me:
    Are the people of north natomas against any form of inclusionary housing, or just those that might be in their back yard?

    Unfortunately, even if you got rid of the poor people’s apartments, you still have the gardenland/del paso heights next door and who-knows-what moving into all of those foreclosed houses.

  14. Regardless of what goes into this space, I would encourage all Natomas residents to “buy Natomas.” Think about how much money leaves our local economy for on-line purchases: books, clothes, toys, office supplies, etc. Local purchases = local jobs and fewer vacant commerical/retail parcels. If you want to talk to me more about this, I’ll be at Best Buy purchasing a Bluray DVD, Target acquiring some new twin sheets (and a Starbucks Caramel Machiatto), or Kohls getting a Lightning McQueen shirt for my toddler…

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