BUZZ EXCLUSIVE! New Tenant Moving Into Borders

THE BUZZ was driving through the Park Place II parking lot this morning when we spotted “Help Wanted” signs on the double doors of the former BORDERS bookstore.

So we stopped and popped inside to have a chat with Kelvin Thurston, district manager for CROWN BOOKS of Southern California. Mr. Thurston reports CROWN BOOKS, a discount bookseller, has signed on to open a “temporary” bookstore in the 15,000 square foot retail spot. The current plan is to operate at that location for about a year, doubling as a Halloween store during the fall.

As a discount bookseller, Mr. Thurston tells us the store’s layout will generally consist of tables of books being sold for less than the cover price. In fact, Mr. Thurston says the goal is for the store to open NEXT WEEKEND and he’s hiring folks now to help with set up; pay is $8 an hour.


  1. Cool! BAS

  2. Excellent news! I can always count on Natomas Buzz to keep us informed! Thanks!

  3. wow. I remember crown book from back in the day. I used to waste time between classes at DVC reading books at crown across from sun valley mall in the bay area… they’re back from the dead!

  4. A blast from the past, indeed.

    Great news! Thanks, Buzz!!!

  5. I know times are very tough for a lot of people. But let’s try and support them so they will stay in business for longer than a year. Just think of what was almost there had it not been for our Councilman listing to the residents of Natomas.


  6. Yes, let’s support them! As a teacher, I will buy my students books from there to help our Natomas economy as well as our strapped schools! Very exciting. Thanks for the god news.

  7. I totally agree. I will make sure I buy from this business ASAP. Also, kudos once again to both the natomasbuzz and (gasp) Tretheway. This is further proof that actions speak louder than words. I think everyone who voiced their opinion either in blogs, in meetings, or directly to the city deserves a pat on the back!

  8. Lol.. don’t pull a muscle patting yourselves on the back… you’ve done nothing…business will continue to fail due to the economy and there is nothing your posting on blogs will do about it.

  9. Steve are you serious? You think Tretheway should be applauded for anything?

    You must be related to him, because the rest of his district despise him and his policies. He is the one that helped build the stucco hell that is North Natomas.

    Like Fargo, he will soon be a distant bad memory.

  10. If it weren’t for the “buzz” that the BUZZ generated over the whole Goodwill flap, Tretheway would have kept his head blissfully buried in the sand with one wetted finger raised to the wind.

    Please, don’t give this man any props. It only serves to promote the myth that he leads by action and not reaction (or better yet, inaction).

    All hail the Buzz!


  11. Oh that’s so much better than a Goodwill store. Yay!

  12. I don’t know…I’m hearing a lot of sour grapes here. I think some of the negative people here are the same ones who said there was no way Goodwill was not going to go in the old Borders. Only proves what I am seeing in a lot of local blogs: complainers blog and doers do.

  13. Anonymous @ 9:58p. Thank you for providing me with 100% of my FDA-suggested daily dose of irony!

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