Wanted: Surveillance Camera Owners!

Hello All,

I am a patrol officer for Natomas Park Masters Association with Paladin Private Security.

In the past week we have noticed an increase in the number of residential burglaries and attempted burglaries. While in the course of my duties I have been following up on a lot of the incidents this week and have found that many residents have equipped their residence with some sort of surveillance camera.

As a result, I have followed up on two incidents where a neighbor of the victim had a video camera showing the suspects in action. This has also led to Paladins ability to match the the videos with any Auto-Vu (License plate reader) captures in the area.
Here is my request. I would like to start a list of residents in Natomas Park Masters Association who have cameras equiped to the exterior of their homes. If you have a camera or know of a neighbor who has a camera(s), please contact a Paladin Officer so we can make a confidential list for reference if there is an incident in the area of the camera.

This list will be kept extremely confidential and available only to Paladin and Sacramento Police.

Your help is what makes the difference,

Officer Darren Ross (M-Th 6a-4p)
Paladin Private Security
Natomas Park Masters Association
(916) 331-3175

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