Updated: Time To Toss Those Trees

1/5/2009: After a call to 3-1-1, THE BUZZ found out Sac City is not scheduled to pick up trees until the week of Jan. 12-16. Brandon at 3-1-1 tells us trees “most likely” will picked up on your regular day, but could be anytime that week.

Get your Christmas trees out to the curb tonight!

Sac City will pick up trees sometime this week between the 5th and 9th so put them out on the curb in front of your house.

If you don’t get it out there is no scheduled second round so you would have to cut it up and put it in your lawn waste container.


  1. Just checked in with City Solid Waste Services- the trees can be put out for collection throughout Jan. Please put them out 24 hours before your lawn and garden collection day

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