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Click here to read our friends at Fox 40’s story about the negotiations between Goodwill Industries and landlord CB Richard Ellis, for the retail space formerly occupied by BORDERS, and the community’s response to this news.

Channels 3 and 13 also reported the story on tonight’s news at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Click here to read fellow blogger and Natomas resident Joe Sacramento’s article posted on the same topic.

But remember where you heard the story it first!


  1. Wow, another story that had over 30 posts, thanks Buzz for providing timely information. As like the story on the Target carts, division is happening, and that is probably a good thing. The more people get involved, the better the values are reflected in that community. Hooters drew much anger and this store may as well. Both sides have merit, but John summed it up best on the first story, in the name of equality, why do the standards have to be lower ie: more apartments, crime, less desireable retail and smart companies locating here and worse school scores. The area is still great to live in as many great families reside here, but I bet in 5-10 years, many will have moved for a better quality environment. And that will be sad. City Hall and Tretheway have long known this community would end up like this, so fat chance on having help from them.

  2. I just heard it on kcra at 5pm.

  3. That may be true, the city may not be that responsive. But the political landscape is strewn with unresponsive politicians whose poor management gets them in the end. From Gov. Davis, Fargo, all the way up to Pres. Bush, one thing is clear: it eventually catches up with them in the end if they don’t respond to their constituants.
    The best you can do is try, bug the ears of the Natomas Association board leaders, call KJ’s office, and go from there.
    Undoubtably the local TV exposure will force them to address the issue. Even if it does happen, which I personally hope not, it can at least send a message that Natomas residents will not go down quietly. One can only hope Tretheway is reading all of this and making steps to ensure he doesn’t share the same fate as his friend Fargo.

  4. Outraged! My property value has suffered enough. This is not a good fit for this area. I can honestly say had I known that Natomas Park would soon attract this type of retail then I would have never moved here. I didn’t purchase a home to flip it in two years or purchase it to be an “INVESTOR”. I purchased in Natomas Park to raise a family in a beautiful middle class & diverse area. If I wanted to live next to “low end” retail then I sure as **** wouldn’t have paid what I paid for my home.


  5. NatomasFamily says

    Say NO to GOODWILL. This will bring DOWN the values of our homes even further and the crime rate will go up in our neighborhood. Goodwill is NOT a fit in Natomas Park!!!

    Email and/or call Ray Treathway, our city council member who represents Natomas Park.

    Email and/or call Mayor Johnson to STOP this insanity to happen in Natomas Park.

    Encourage everyone to start a petition to STOP Goodwill from opening a location in Natomas park.

    IF Goodwill DOES open at Natomas Park, PROTEST the store and do NOT shop there.

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

    Say NO to Goodwill in Natomas Park!

  6. Wow, everyone complaining about this sounds like a bunch of ignorant suburban fools. Its a GOODWILL store, just because its a thrift store doesnt mean its going to cause the area to go downhill.

    Natomas is overpopulated and expanding way too fast. It is doomed with or without a Goodwill.

  7. People, PUH-LEEZE! Just look @ all of the carjackings/assaults/burglaries, etc. on the right side of this very page! Do you really think that a Goodwill is gonna make things worse? Let’s face it: Natomas is the new Elk Grove….

  8. http://traderjoes.com/contact_us_selection.html

    Trader Joe’s.
    We can all send them an email to request a store here!

  9. Great exposure for The Buzz on Fox and KQCA last night. I do not know how I feel or what to think about this situation regarding Goodwill moving in to NN. It is very difficult to predict what the impact of such an establishment would be upon the community and so I’m leary of jumping to a conclusion.

  10. Uncle Doreen says

    If Goodwill is determined to have a store in the Natomas area why not in the old Linens-N-Things location? It has more commercial traffic, away from residential areas, close to city transit and major freeways. That seems like a more fitting location.

    I would love to see a Trader Joe’s at the old Border’s site. I think a family entertainment venue would be ideal. Bring in ComedySportz like they have on Arden.

  11. I’m inclined to agree that a Goodwill store is needed to support the less fortunate members of our community. Personally, I don’t think the former Border’s space in the Park Place shopping center is an appropriate location. How about the former site of California Home Furnishings on Del Paso? Plenty of space for merchandise, a fair amount of parking, down the street from several low-income communities and the rear of the store where drop off’s would occur doesn’t back to a residential neighborhood.

  12. Saw both televison pieces on the possible GOODWILL store moving into the former BORDERS empty store front. Either the two people interviewed didn’t graduate from high school or they forgot to take their medication. Maybe they should contact MERVYNS, GOTTSHALKS, or some other bankrupt department store to move in. Millions of people are losing their homes, jobs and retirements everyday and these two are worried about a GOODWILL? They remind of two people standing in a soup line and refusing to eat what is served. They both end up starving to death. Empty store fronts are one of the biggest draws for crime in the United States, just look up the crime statistics. Companies like ANN TAYLOR, THE GAP, PEP BOYS, GM, CHRYSLER, FORD, THE CHEESCAKE FACTORY, are on the verge of closing everyday. MICROSOFT just layed off 5,000 people for the first time in it’s 33 year history. Please find out what these two have been smoking, they don’t live in Marin county or Eldorado Hills. I think, they’re about to overdose!

  13. “Build it and they will come” you can thank Ray T., and Ms. Fargo for our community that is headed for the dump.

  14. Troy and jmyers95662,

    We “ignorant suburban fools” just want something better for our community, that’s all. If you don’t aspire for or demand anything better than thrift stores going in where you live, then eventually you wind up with areas like Del Paso Heights, and deservedly so.

    In the sake of fairness I’ll assume that you both live and own homes here (though I have a sneaking suspicion that at least one of you doesn’t). If you do, then you should understand the concept of property value and the intangible factors that affect it. If you don’t, a quick lesson: you don’t buy property in the hopes that it’ll lose value. Contrary to what you might think, having a thrift store down the street is not a big draw for other people to want to buy homes in the area and thus keep property values (and hence YOUR investment) up.

    If wanting a better Natomas makes us a bunch of ignorant snobs, so be it. Personally, I’d rather be viewed as elitist for aiming higher than being considered cool for blindly accepting a declining status quo.


  15. its almost funny to read the comments that suggest a goodwill store will further decrease the property value. those comments obviously come from ignorant suburban familes that feel superior to those less than what they have.

    get over yourselves. there have been many parts of natomas notories for small crime, assults etc. all of which has been going on LONG before talks of a goodwill store.

    some of you need to open your eyes a little bit.

  16. People need to realize that it isnt that we as NN residents dont want a Goodwill store…its that we dont want it THERE. Like has been suggested in these comments, there are SEVERAL more appropriate areas for a Goodwill store in NN.

  17. I just sent the Goodwill CEO an email expressing my concerns and asking him to consider the Linen N Things location.

  18. Couple comments.

    My guess would be that Target has a righteous drawn lease that would not allow an even lower cost alternative in the same plaza. Target just strikes me as smart that way.

    Secondly, Trader Joes has already stated that it had no plans to expand into NN anytime soon. Though that would be lovely.

    Third – If a store like Borders is going to fail in that plaza, something as niche as Comedy Sportz is going to fail.

    We need to have these community leaders and the city come together to help recruit the kinds of stores we want in the plaza.

    Overall, based on my knowledge of what Sacramento Goodwill president Joe Mendez has done with the old stores in town, I think it might actually work and provide the job training and experience that many who would be unable to work would be able to use.

    I don’t see derelicts and bad guys shopping at Goodwill or hanging around outside. I see single mothers, the poor, and the working class shopping there to stretch a buck. Of all the types of second hand stores we could be talking about, Goodwill is heads and above a better option.

  19. Ok, the time for talking is over everyone. Start making your phone calls and e-mails now. I personally e-mailed Ray, KJ, and my Natomas Park Association rep. today. Care to share who you’ve contacted? Anyone have any other ideas about who to contact?

  20. Of the seven deadly sins, Pride is the most deadly. Over 400 malls closed last year and over 600 Malls are forecast to close this year. Having a GOODWILL was not the cause of their closure. The cause of their closure was lack of tenants, any tenants. If aiming higher than GOODWILL will get you tenants, than good luck. The economy has run out of credit, money and steam. Ever tried selling rental space to thousands of chain stores that are closing hundreds of existing locations? The only thing aiming high in this present economy means is finding a reputable company that pays sales taxes to clean your roads and lights your streets. Wake up you high aimers, the train has already left the station.

  21. The true colors of North Natomas are flying high…once again the subtle signs of racism peaks it’s head

    Good Job..keep it up the fight. That way we know who you are…

    too bad most of these comments are anonymous

  22. Have any one of you ever shopped at a Goodwill lately? It’s not the same experience as you guys have thought it once was. You dont know what your missing out. A lot of merchandise is donated, but much of it comes from closeouts from department stores looking for tax relief, individuals who are looking to update their wardrobe, etc. I have seen BOSS, A&F, Dior, etc at prices so low for like new merchandise.

    Some mentioned single mothers, working class, who shop at goodwill. Yeah there are those, but you would be surprised who you would not think about shopping at Goodwill. I have met professionals: doctors, attorneys, other business people who want to make more out of their dollar. How do you think they are able to stay rich? Remember bjax commenting on shopping at Winco Foods? Money well spent.

    That shopping area is ripe for Goodwill. For those who addressed that they didn’t move into Natomas to be surrounded by low retail…hahhaha look around and open your eyes. You have a Marshalls, Kohls, and a Bed Bath Beyond. How high end is that? You think Goodwill will make a difference in your shopping experience?

    Some people here address property values. Have you ever been to the Goodwills in the bay area? Some of them are located right in affluent neighborhoods with home prices that stark in contrast with those in Natomas. Goodwill will not make a dent in your value.

    Goodwill or not, something needs to bring in the cars (and people too) to that shopping area. For what’s it worth in the economy, we don’t need any NIMBY folks like that asian chick on tv talking blah blah blah. We need something to happen and we (in this economy) need to take anything we can get. Natomas is OVERSATURATED with retail, and I would hate to see this area become another South Sac. Goodwill will bring value to the community, and it cant happen at a better time, especially in this economy.

    PS. The location where the Linens-N-Things was located, it has been proposed to become a Smart N Final, but OPUS is trying to find a substitute.

  23. I was hesitant to be interviewed for the Channel 13 story, but had no idea I would come across as someone without a high school education. Not sure where that came from (maybe the misquote in the stations written story online…I never said, “oh no you didn’t). I’m not sure what my having a college degree has to do with anything. I also am not on any medication.

    It is important to remember that about 1/10th of what I actually said, made it into the program. My point about Goodwill going into this location was about people dropping off junk late at night, high volumes of trash and the people that do so or rummage thru it. It was interesting that you NEVER saw footage of the actual donation areas in any of the reporting, but you can bet that will be ALL you will see when it starts piling up.

    Of course times are tough and we need to fill those empty retail spots. What you didn’t hear me say were the types of stores that would fit there, that people would be more likely to shop at and then continue shopping at the other stores and eat at the restaurants. You didn’t hear about the things that would be a nice fit here, so we wouldn’t have to take our business into other cities.

    I’m still glad I stepped up and stood up for what I think is the best thing for our community. I’m getting better at ignoring those hurling insults my way.

    aka Tristan Godt

  24. With the worst economy since the 1929 great depression and monthly bad press about flood problems with leavees I really didn’t think anything else could cause worse damage to the value of my home in NN. The wise say to never air your dirty laundry to others. Well now over 2.8 million television viewers now know that chain stores are leaving NN. To top that we have a person from our area spouting her dislike for the disadvantged and an organization that supports the disabled! Please stop this madness before anymore financial damage is done to my NN home’s value!

  25. Good job Trixie, keep up the efforts in trying to find a better location for this Goodwill store, and don’t be bothered by some of the inane comments. As always misinformation seems to prevail. Most people I have talked to are not opposed to the Goodwill comming to Natomas, but would prefer if it was not at Park Place, but maybe off N. Market or somewhere out of the residential areas, what is so wrong with that. The comments by people worried that property values, crime or blight will matter are justified and should be respected, I bet all the people who didn’t care that the Target carts were lining our roads are the same one’s that are critical of residents’ trying to find a more viable location for Goodwill. I assume more debates will arise in economic stressful times. What are the zoning regulations and traffic guidelines? I am sure we can find experts who will claim that this site is unsuitable, and that does not mean you are aganist less advantaged people as many have said here.

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