Seen In The Neighborhood

A NATOMAS BUZZ reader sent in this photo to let us know that
Tugboat has opened for business. It’s nice to see businesses opening, isn’t it?


  1. Anyone eaten there yet? Any good?

  2. It’s awesome — I’ve been eating Tugboat Fish & Chips (other locations) for years. See my review right here on Natomas Buzz.

  3. We went the other night. We went with the straight fish/chips combo.

    The fish was crisp/crunchy and the tarter sauce good, but the malt vineger seemed to lack spunk.

    The owner or manager, came by our table to see how we liked it.

    We’ll definitely go again as it satisfied the craving.

  4. We went last night. A trip to Tug Boats will satisfy any fried food/fish craving for sure. Good quality and friendly staff.


  5. I tried it for the first time last night and loved it–will definitely go again!

  6. We went today and liked it! :) Thanks for the reviews. Everything was made to order, and the staff was nice.

  7. We also went on Friday and were pleased with the food, hope it surrives.

  8. I ate it last night… food was GREAT, service was friendly… would go to again.

  9. We ate there the other night and LOVED it. I really hope it will survive. It’s a tough time for restaurants.

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