Seen In The Neighborhood

Sac PD pulling over vehicles running through stop signs… Sometimes, it’s the little things that can brighten our day!


  1. awesome! I dont know how many times Ive seen cars coming down northborogh that dont even slow down for the stop signs!

  2. Amen, Sister. BAS

  3. Hopefully one of the targeted intersections was East Commerce and Ottumwa!

  4. My daughter was hit by a car while walking her bike across an intersection (she’s was okay but the bike was totaled), the driver didn’t even slow down at he stop sign. When I spoke to the driver he didn’t think it was his fault! He stated my daughter got in HIS way! I sometimes stand on the sidewalk with a sign that reads ‘thanks for slowing down’, you should see the amount of drivers that speed up instead…appalling…

  5. You can probably add any stop sign on E. Commerece or N Park Drive to the list of problem intersections

  6. Please target North Park and Fredericksburg! People blow through that one all day long, some not even slowing down. North Park is a racing strip for some folks.

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