Natomas Residents Run For Delegate Posts

front row: David Kawada and Jo Souvignier.
back row: Allan Brauer, Mark Billingsley, Kimberly Mack and David DeLuz.

Natomas residents Mark Billingsley, David Kawada and Kimberly Mack are running for California Democratic Party delegate seats from the 5th Assembly District, which encompasses all of North Natomas and is represented by Republican Roger Niello.

AD5 also includes parts of Arden Arcade, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Folsom, North Highlands, McClellan Park, Orangevale, Sacramento and Granite Bay.

Billingsley, Kawada and Mack were members of the executive committee of Sacramento For Obama and are members of a six-person group called “Slate For Change.” The other members of the slate are Allan Brauer, David DeLuz and Jo Souvignier.

The California Democratic Party is convening delegate elections in each of the state’s 80 Assembly Districts on Saturday and Sunday. The election for AD5 will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Sunday at the Sylvan Oaks Library, 6700 Auburn Blvd. Any Democrat living in AD5 can vote for as many as 12 candidates.

Early registration and balloting will be conducted from 9 to 11 a.m. and then the 47 candidates will each speak for 60 seconds. Voters can cast a ballot as early as 9 a.m. and do not have to stay for the candidate speeches.

The 12 candidates with the most votes will be elected to represent AD5 at both the 2009 and 2010 California Democratic Party conventions. The 2009 convention will be held April 24-26 in Sacramento.

“All six of us were heavily involved in the Obama campaign and we want to take our energy, our experience and our knowledge to the California Democratic Party State Central Committee to affect even more change and help elect even more Democratic candidates to local and state-wide office,” Billingsley said. “We’d love to see the same level of support for the candidates as we saw for Obama last Nov. 4. But hope and change didn’t stop that day. We want to keep it going.”

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  1. Oh Great…so it looks like Kim Mack is going to jump in to the D1 COuncil race too in 2010???

    No doubt…

    She and DeLuz have done little of nothing for our district…Both just want to run for office…

    Well electing them as delegates gives them clout. I say vote no on both of them, they need to earn these positions and earn their way into running for office.

    Not just running a failed charter amendment proposal for Kevin Johnson in Macks case…

  2. Interesting… This is David De Luz. I always love to read comments from anonymous people.

    I have been a Natomas resident since 2001, and a Sacramentan since 1992. Far from not “doing anything for our district”, I have been an active member of the Sacramento community since I arrived to attend graduate school. I have served on the county Democratic Central Committee, served as Chair of Assembly District 9 Democratic Committee, I have help support candidates for office on the local, state and national level; I have served on the Human Rights Fair Housing Committee, the County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board; I am a member of the Sac County Natomas Community Planning Advisory Council. I have coached youth football and been an active member of the Natomas High School Booster Club when my son attended the school. I have worked with parents to help address issues that parents and students had with the district. Oh, and yeah… I served as a president of the Sacramento NAACP, advocating for the protection and enforcement of civil rights for ALL Sacramentans – and I am still an active member of the Associations executive committee.

    So, Anonymous, before you call into question anyone’s credentials or committment to the community, please get your facts straight. I love Natomas and I love Sacramento – and I want to make sure that we have an opportunity to have the kind of livable community that we have been promised. Whether that means running for office or not is not foremost in my mind right now. What IS important is that we are a city and region in crisis and we need to step up – all of us – and meet the challenge head on.

    I hope you will join me and others in the community who are working in our own corners to make Sacramento a great city.

    Take care.

    David De Luz
    North Natomas Resident

  3. Mark Billingsley says

    Just like chickenshit people to remain anonymous on blogs. You believe that strongly in your views to post something like this, be man or woman enough to post your name. Failed charter amendment? It hasn’t even received a vote yet. Earn positions? How do you earn a position? Mobilizing more than 7,000 people in this region to help elect Barack Obama is not enough for you. You have no idea on the background on both Kim and David. Both have plenty of political experience. Opinions are one thing, and you anonymous, are entitled to yours. But come with some facts to back up your opinions. Otherwise you’ll just end up embarrassing yourself like you did today. And just a reminder, use your real name.

  4. Anonymous, at a minimum these folks are “homers” (Natomas residents) and will have our community’s interests in mind. Unless you have a superior alternative on deck, why would you support someone else? Unless you’re a shill for that someone else…or you ARE that someone else. On the other hand, if you don’t like the color of their politics, then you’re probably not a Democrat, which would make this discussion moot.

  5. I’m so glad to see people from Natomas doing good positive things for our community! Keep it up! Don’t listen to all the “negative nellies”!

  6. this website is a joke… you censor posts…nice…typical of librals.

    where are my responses to the above posts?

  7. Mark, buddy you need to relax. Your language and tone is not really called for. I would say this is actually more embarrassing for you to post something like that. I hope that is not your true character lashing out at people. I know it might be frustrating but keep your head.

    Donald McCall
    Natomas Park

  8. >>>typical of librals

    Nice spelling!

    Typical of conservatives, lack of education. That’s why they are conservatives, they don’t know any better. Haha.

  9. Just read this article. News to me. I think it is great Natomas residents are running!

    Also, what is up with dogging David DeLuz? Are you kidding me? David DeLuz is a stand up guy who has shown big love to Sacramento! And that’s my boy so don’t talk about him! ;)

    Also, Mark Billingsly anonymity is one of the hallmarks of democracy. Federalist papers that shaped our constitution were by and large anonymous. This web site (The Buzz) is by and large anonymous. The Bee’s comments are all anonymous. Suggestion boxes are anonymous. My web site is anonymous. Anonymity is American. Decrying anonymity is like decrying democracy. I don’t stay anonymous because I’m “chickenshit” my brother. I stay anonymous because I want people to focus on my words, not my identity. I also don’t want to mix my political opinions with my career.

    Two cheers for a free country.

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