NATOMAS BUZZ Seeks Reader Advisors

The NATOMAS BUZZ is in the process of creating a reader advisory panel. The purpose of the panel would be to provide input on blog content and standards.

If you are interested in being on the panel, send us an e-mail telling us a little about yourself and why you would like to participate!


  1. I appreciate that you update on what is happening in Natomas. I like that it stays positive and that some negative comments are left out. If you do decide to post more comments and therefore need a reader advisory panel, I hope that you post all views and sides to a story and not just what you agree with, especially when it comes to politics. I think that name calling should be completely left out. As a reader, I take what is written more seriously if it sticks to facts and not opinions that attack others.

  2. “I hope that you post all views and sides to a story and not just what you agree with, especially when it comes to politics. I think that name calling should be completely left out.”

    We have to say that the few times we have rejected comments, three were personal attacks on someone else and/or their comments that did not move the dialog forward.

    One time, we rejected a comment that, for the most part, had good points, however closed with a racially charged remark. In that case, we polled a group of loyal readers about whether to approve the entire post and decided to reject it based on the responses we received.

    Thanks for reading NATOMAS BUZZ!

  3. First of all, I love your site: Natomas has an interesting tale to tell and only a few sites focus on our community. I’d love to help but too busy. Here are a few comments though…

    1. To “move the dialog forward” is good but maybe direct the discussion a bit more. Maybe pose a question or start a narrative in which the blogger can continue or contribute. For example, “If you could open a business in the old Borders, what would it be and why”? Or, “What do you think KJ could do for Natomas”? This might elevate the discussion by the simple fact you focused it in a bit.

    2. Consider the nature of posting and how you see this site evolving. Any quick glance at Sac Bee will tell you that forcing a blogger to put a name does not ensure that racist or idiotic comments will be withheld.

    3. Consider your audience. If local city leaders read these posts, what would they think? Would they learn anything worthwhile to faciliate their performance? This ties into the above comment as well in the sense that these posts can be more focused if the site were “advocacy-minded”/”audience-driven” and less “posting-board” oriented.

    That’s all I got…now back to taking care of my kids!!

  4. why not post it all… I am sure all of are adults and can think for ourselves without censorship…(with very few exceptions..and with guidelines you should publish)

    all of the posts I have had rejected had no racism or personal attacks… you just did not agree with my more conservative thoughts…

    rejecting discourse based on your own personal philosophy surly does not move the dialogue along.

  5. I do not agree with the last post. I think if people want to rant, they need to go elsewhere not your blog.

    I see The Buzz as a place to keep current with what’s happening in the Natomas/North Sacramento area since we get very little coverage by The Bee.

    If this blog becomes a place for negative emotional ranting by people who are obviously mad at the world, I will stop visiting it. Heavens knows we are already bombarded more than enough with negative energy in all forms. If people want to rant, they can start their own blog. BAS

  6. I have some advice for the Buzz, stop allowing the Buzz to be used by Ashby and Sharward as their personal soap box so they can run for office.

    Who appointed these two as the leaders of North Natomas?

    No one did.

  7. Just because they (Ashby and Sharward) care enough to try to make Natomas a better place doesn’t mean they are using the Buzz.

  8. I agree with a post a couple above this. If you want to rant and spew negativity, start your own blog. It’s free and easy and then you can find out who, if anyone, wants to hear your opinions. Sure we can disagree and the Buzz does post opinions they do not agree with. But there is a line and if you want to cross it then start your own blog.

  9. Being a busybody and declaring yourself a leader does not make you qualified to run for elected office.

    And btw, instead of continually telling those you do not agree with to go elsewhere or to start their own blog; ditto, if you don’t care to read opinions that differ from the stepford wives thing that is going on in North Natomas. Seems like all of you want to quash any dissent, typical of the “progressives.”

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