In The News: Everything I Know, I Learned In Kindergarten

Heron School kindergarten teacher Georgia Schaaf was recently named News 10 “teacher of the month” and featured on the nightly news program as such.

Mrs. Schaaf has been a teacher in the Natomas Unified School District for 24 years and is known for her enthusiasm and devotion to students. She teaches home-bound students, serves on the Heron School PTSA and on the board at the charter school, and is an instructor at Sac State.


  1. Way to go Mrs. Schaaf! Thanks for all you do for our kiddos!

  2. The News 10 report does not do her justice. She is not only a wonderful teacher, but a wonderful person as well. She treats every kid as her own. After all her years in teaching, she is still energetic and devoted and quite an advocate for her students.

  3. Thanks for featuring one of the many outstanding teachers we have in this district. I do love that Georgia, who has such a dedication to her school and her colleagues too. And she always can make me laugh. Right on!

  4. I had Mrs. Schaaf (then Ms. Allen) in the 4th grade way back in 1986.
    She was one of my favorite teachers – so loving and amazing at what she does. She more than deserves the recognition!!!

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