I just wanted to let you know that because of your forum and the heads-up action of a concerned citizen who saw our lost dog’s picture posted on the Buzz, our precious dog has been found ONLY FOUR HOURS AFTER YOU POSTED OUR NOTICE! She had been missing for two days, and we were becoming discouraged. Our whole family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!!!! Natomas Buzz Rocks!!!!

The Rose Family

Please help us find our dog! She is a female lab/white shepherd mix, yellow, brown eyes, approx. 80 lbs. HER TONGUE HAS BLACK SPOTS ON IT.

Last seen on Wednesday, Jan. 28 around 7:45 p.m. at the corner of Ayala and Greg Thatch off East Commerce in North Natomas. She was wearing an orange/yellow collar with diamond designs. She has a 24Pet Watch tag.

If found please call the number and they will direct you to us, or return her to Natomas Vet Hospital 925-3535. Or call us at 835-0133. Thank you for your help!


  1. I am sorry for your lost pet. I hope you find her. I live closer to Natomas Park elementary but I will keep my eyes open. Can you contact Paladdin and ask them to be on the lookout?

    Excellent site by the way. I appreciate how you keep everyone up to date on current events with the local schools. Joe Sacramento is nice too but he seems too focused on KJ and the whole Goodwill thing. Thanks for all of the updates!

  2. Uncle Doreen says

    That is awesome. I am a big dog lover and was keeping my eyes open. Glad your family is complete again.

  3. Yeah! I am so glad your family member on four legs is back where he belongs!

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